Yankees nation overwhelmingly votes down proposal to replace Anthony Rizzo with Alonso

Yankees fans unanimously stand by Anthony Rizzo, reject Pete Alonso deal.

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The New York Yankees fan base is a passionate and discerning group with strong opinions on their beloved Bronx Bombers. In light of recent speculation about replacing current first baseman Anthony Rizzo with Mets star Pete Alonso, fans have made their stance clear: overwhelmingly, they don’t want Alonso in pinstripes. Their loyalty to Rizzo, who signed a two-year contract in 2022 and plays a pivotal role both on the field and in the clubhouse, remains unshaken. They believe the team should prioritize keeping Rizzo and shifting focus to securing other key players like Juan Soto, who was recently acquired. This support for Rizzo reflects a broader understanding of his value, both tangible and intangible, to the team.

Does Anthony Rizzo’s chemistry and leadership make him irreplaceable?

Yankees fans deeply value Anthony Rizzo’s chemistry with the team and see him as a vital clubhouse leader, especially with DJ LeMahieu’s absence. One fan emphasized his importance, noting, “Rizzo is a great clubhouse guy. When he is on, there is no one better. He also has to help Judge transition to first base so we can bring up the Martian and Jones.” His camaraderie with the relatively young infield helps bind the team together, offering mentorship and experience that would be difficult to replace.

Fans also recognize Anthony Rizzo’s ability to handle the high-pressure environment of New York. He has shown composure and resilience while dealing with the notorious Yankees fan base, which can be both aggressive and critical. One fan raised doubts about Alonso’s ability to handle this pressure, stating, “Can Alonso play in the Bronx? Can he take the boo of the fans? Others have tried and failed.” This skepticism underscores the inherent challenges of playing in New York, challenges Anthony Rizzo has already mastered.

Furthermore, Rizzo being a left-handed hitter offers strategic value, adding variety to the Yankees’ offensive lineup. “RIZO IS A LEFTY OK,” another fan emphasized, highlighting how this attribute contributes to the Yankees’ offensive versatility.

Moreover, many believe Aaron Judge will eventually transition to first base to preserve his health and extend his career. “Judge will be playing first base when he hits 34-35. So, Rizzo should be re-signed for 2-3 years. He’s a clubhouse leader and can pass on his incredible amount of first-base knowledge to Judge,” a fan noted. They envision Rizzo playing a vital role in guiding Judge’s eventual shift from the outfield to first base.

Fans want Juan Soto to be the first preference for the Yankees front office

Despite Alonso’s impressive power, fans don’t see him as a strategic fit for the Yankees, preferring the team prioritize retaining Juan Soto instead. “Nothing can stand in the way of Soto staying at 161st,” declared a fan, with another echoing the sentiment, “Nope, sign Soto and move one of Judge, Jones, or the Martian to 1B.”

The preference for Soto over Alonso is rooted in a desire to keep the team balanced and focused. “Enough with ex-Mets,” one fan said, encapsulating a reluctance to bring in a player from the Yankees’ crosstown rivals. There is a prevailing belief that replacing Anthony Rizzo with Alonso would ultimately disrupt the team’s chemistry.

As the Yankees weigh their offseason moves, it’s evident that their fan base is united in their loyalty to Anthony Rizzo. They see him as a leader, a mentor, and a player who provides the team with the stability needed to achieve long-term success. Replacing him with Alonso is not just about swapping out a first baseman but would mean losing a cornerstone of the team’s current structure, an idea that fans overwhelmingly reject. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

One thought on “Yankees nation overwhelmingly votes down proposal to replace Anthony Rizzo with Alonso

  1. Retaining SOTO is the biggest item on this year’s off-season agenda, of course. He’s on a pace for 140 RBI & 33 HRs, and he’s an unbelievably clutch hitter. He’s also the smartest hitter I’ve seen since GEORGE BRETT, and he almost never chances balls out of the strike zone, which is the mark of a truly great hitter.

    Note: It’s a sad statement on TORRES’ Utter Stupidity that he hasn’t learned anything about being selective at the plate from watching Soto’s brilliant approach for almost 40 games. I swear, Torres’ baseball IQ must be a negative number: he’s dumb at the plate, dumb in the field, and even dumber on the bases. A movie about his baseball career could rightly be named “Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest.”

    Btw, CALEB DURBIN, a possible replacement for Torres, is lighting up AAA. As a starter, Durbin leads the team in 9 Offensive Categories: Runs, Hits, Doubles, RBI, Fewest Ks, SBs, BA (.297), OBP, and OPS! And he’s 2nd in Triples & Walks & 3rd in Slugging. I HOPE THE YANKEES AREN’T STUPID & THINK DUBIN’S NOT A POSSIBLE MLB PLAYER BECAUSE HE’S ONLY 5’6”. PHIL RIZZUTO WAS 5’6” & he’s a Hall of Famer! And Torres is 6’1” & Every Inch of Him Sucks. Durbin can flat-out play, and he has ZERO ERRORs at 2nd, unlike Torres, who plays defense like He Lacks Opposable Thumbs.

    I like RIZZO a lot. He’s a classy man, a smart hitter, an enthusiastic player, a great teammate, and despite some lapses this year, an excellent defensive 1st baseman. But he’ll turn 35 this August, so I can’t see signing him to a long-term deal. If he’s willing to take a one-year deal with an option for a second year, I’d resign him; but a 2-year deal would seem very risky.

    Moreover, if The Martian (DOMINGUEZ) comes back strong, I’d like the Yankees to move JUDGE to 1st base. He’d make a great target for the infielders to throw to. At 6’7″, his wingspan on stretches would about 9-10 feet, for Zeus’ sake. If you can’t hit a target that big, you’re not a major-league player. Moreover. given his athleticism, one would hope he could turn himself into an average to above-average 1st basemen defensively.

    Keeping Rizzo in that eventuality would allow him to help train Judge in the intricacies of playing 1st base, and Judge could spend time at DH when Rizzo plays 1st, which should help both players extend their careers. Switching to first also might increase Judge’s chances of remaining healthy, with (hopefully) less overall wear & tear on his legs at 1st.

    I’ve been very impressed with VERDUGO as a hitter, a fielder & as a high-energy player, who, like Soto, plays with a lot of enthusiasm, something that’s been lacking on this team since Brett Gardner departed; so, I’d like to see the Yankees retain him, as well.

    Moreover, an outfield of Verdugo, Domínguez, and Soto could be extremely impressive, both offensively & defensively. Verdugo’s devil-may-care left-fielder who’s an Absolute Joy to watch: that man truly HATES losing, and he’s shown he’ll do whatever it takes in the field, at bat, and on the bases to win. Gotta love him!

    Finally, SPENSER JONES hasn’t gotten untracked at AA yet, following an early injury. He’s only hitting .237 with 2 HRs & 9 RBI, so we have to assume he’s at least 2 years away from being a possible MLB player. If he makes it, and that’s still an open question this early in his career, the Yankees could end up with a wonderful outfield, first base, DH rotation of Verdugo, Domínguez, Soto, Judge & Spenser, which would help keep everyone rested & help mitigate against injuries & off-year performances.

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