Yankees fans stand with Aaron Boone after ‘ridiculous’ ejection

Aaron Boone ejected for the 5th Time this season on July 2, 2023, against the Cardinals in St. Louis.

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During the Yankees vs. Cardinals series final on Sunday, Aaron Boone got his fifth ejection of the season. While the Yankees manager criticized the ejection as “ridiculous” and questioned the umpire’s decision, he got an unlikely show of support from Yankees fans on social media.

Aaron Boone was very angry with home plate umpire Dan Merzel when a crucial call went against his team. But Merzel didn’t give up and threw Boone out right away for fighting about balls and strikes. This was the fifth time this season that the team’s boss stood up for his team and got kicked out of the game.

Aaron Boone’ ejection

According to the commentators’ perspective, Aaron Boone appeared to lose his composure following a contentious 3-1 pitch to DJ LeMahieu, which was deemed a strike. This call held significant importance as the game remained deadlocked at 0-0, with Oswaldo Cabrera stationed on first base. Ultimately, LeMahieu would go on to pop out on the subsequent pitch, much to the chagrin of his manager.

After splitting the first two games, the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals find themselves deadlocked at 1-1 in their ongoing series.

With his fifth ejection of the year against the Cardinals, Aaron Boone has passed Rocco Baldelli of the Minnesota Twins to become the MLB’s ejection leader. This is also a continuation of Aaron Boone’s tendency to get thrown out of games, as he led the American League with nine ejections last year.

The source of his frustrations might be attributed to the recent performance of his Yankees team, which has recorded a 7-8 record in their past 15 games. Additionally, they find themselves trailing the Tampa Bay Rays by a considerable margin of 10 games in the fiercely competitive AL East division.

Ever since the unfortunate injury to Aaron Judge, the New York team has been grappling with a significant offensive struggle, or rather, a lack thereof. The team’s challenges have been compounded by unfavorable calls from the umpires, which certainly haven’t aided their cause.

Managers often argue with each other and sometimes set up planned ejections to boost the morale of their teams, but Aaron Boone seems to be going too far. The manager, who is 50 years old, is becoming known as one of the toughest, most vocal, and unbending people in Major League Baseball.

This year, the seasoned sixth-year New York Yankees manager appears to have developed a recurring pattern of departing games prematurely, owing to his impassioned temper.

Yankees fans supported Aaron Boone

After his latest outburst, MLB fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. A large number of them rallied behind Aaron Boone and praised him for standing up for his team.

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