Analysts disagree on Aaron Judge’s participation in Yankees’ season

Yankees' Aaron Judge toe injury timeline remains mystery.

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As the New York Yankees mobbed Domingo German in front of home plate after he completed a perfect game, baseball analyst Craig Carton had his eyes fixed on Aaron Judge.

The renowned slugger for the Yankees, who had recently engaged in the pre-game catch in the outfield, seemed to maintain a more reserved presence, likely due to his ongoing recovery from a torn ligament in his right big toe.

Uncertainty surrounds Aaron Judge’s return as baseball analyst explore injury

Aaron Judge has struggled with a toe injury this month.
Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports

For Craig Carton, Judge’s cautious approach only reinforced his earlier beliefs that the injury wasn’t progressing as desired and that the Yankees wouldn’t see Judge back on the field for the remainder of the 2023 season.

“This further confirms what I’ve been saying earlier this week,” Craig asserted.

“Aaron Judge’s injury is undoubtedly genuine, and we won’t witness his return this year. He stayed on the outskirts, extending his hands rather than jumping up and down with the rest of the team. It indicates that he won’t play another game this season.”

Another baseball analyst, Evan, agreed that there had been little noticeable improvement since Judge collided with the outfield fence in Los Angeles. However, he interpreted Judge’s reluctance to join the celebratory commotion as a prudent choice rather than a sign of an even bleaker recovery timeline.

New York Yankees' Aaron Judge reacts to striking out during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, in New York.
AP Photo/Adam Hunger

“This is a smart business decision. We last want Aaron Judge to risk reinjuring himself by getting caught up in the excitement or pulling an Edwin Diaz. Yes, he’s currently injured, but that doesn’t imply he won’t make a comeback. It simply means that right now, today, he’s dealing with an injury.”

With the conflicting perspectives of baseball analysts, a cloud of uncertainty engulfed Aaron Judge’s future and the eagerly anticipated possibility of his return to the baseball field. As the season unfolded, fans and the entire Yankees organization found themselves on edge, eagerly awaiting any new updates on Judge’s recovery progress and the ultimate outcome of his injury.

The weight of anticipation hung heavy in the air as everyone involved held their breath, hoping for positive news that would bring Judge back to the game they all loved.

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14 thoughts on “Analysts disagree on Aaron Judge’s participation in Yankees’ season

    1. The initial diagnosis given can take up to two months to heal and then he must rehab so figure three months. If, however , there is in fact a break or tear as he himself hinted there was then the first analyst is correct and this season is done. He is Not participating in the All Star game McKinney is.

  1. Come on a TOE judge.has got just like Carlos rodon and Frankie monnez get the money get hurt. Come give me a break. I bowled and tended bar with a broken. The Yankees need to man up and stop being crybabies. They get paid well I mean nobody deserves money like that for playing and then play hurt. OH my BACK,OH my arm.OH my Toe. Grow UP and old Boone should stop making the pitchers his personal toys. Don’t know about you but I am 75 I was Yankee fan.when there guys that played for the fun of the game and their fans. REMEMBER MANTLE,MARIS,REGGIE ,THURMON,BERRA,AND GOOD OLD JETER THEY WERE BALLPLAYERS. WHERE HAS THIS GAME GONE MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY

  2. I agree Frank….im a life long yankee fan…..saw all the great ones…im 76. With all the money they get and the organization has…..a doctor with some knowledge, a new hitting coach, because lets face it…they suck ..all want headline homeruns! Bunts work, singles add up! Put a steel plate on front of Aarons shoe with a soft inside….a good shoe maker could fashion this to protect and atleast get him to DH? Grow up…we have amputated soldiers walking around on stumps!!!!!

  3. You know back into 2013 I put a curse on the Yankees because I tried to get a Yogi Berra autograph and I promise that the Yankees will not win a world series until I got that and I never received it so now there’s two reasons and Yankees will not win a world series unless servino and the mustache guy get taken off the team if those two guys are removed the Yankees will win a world series as far as Stanton goes he needs to be removed when he first came yeah him and judge were going to hit 50 home runs each he’s just a big albatross but the main thing is those two pictures watch their facial expressions when they leave a game and how they talk behind Boones back the Yankees will not win a world series until those two are gone I can guarantee that and that’s my curse on you

  4. I’m sorry to say I am going to put a curse because of the Yogi Bear incident judge will not see a world series title with the New York Yankees it will become one of the biggest albatrosses in the next 5 years

  5. You know I remember when Mickey Mantle said that he could get 4,000 hits if he wore a skirt that was a true Yankee you making this judge guy captain of the team guys got a small little toe problem Mickey Mantle’s would have called him a woman he’s no Yankee he’s no Captain that was the biggest mistake you ever made sorry Yankee fence I’m a big Yankee fan myself but I’m starting to question

  6. I can promise you the Yankees will not win a world series until 2031 take that to the bank you’ll be able to retire on it

    1. Know it’s not entirely his choice, but even making him a dh, would help Yankee fans and May speed up his healing . Knowing what he makes can make the difference in his playing time.
      Are we during the Dodgers for there part of this injury)!

  7. A big toe is a big injury especially on a man his size. Your big toe is needed just for walking and when there is pain it becomes that much more difficult. I have nerve damage in my foot and my greatest discomfort is from my r big toe. Sometimes can’t even put a sheet on it. I think Judges injury is very legit

    1. Me too I think he is really hurt and I don’t think he will be back this season I hope I’m wrong the team needs him

  8. Agree with money being made players should man up and play a little hurt. I am 75 and remember when players played with problems and didn’t make near the money. They enjoyed playing and not watching from the bench for minor hurts. Money is name of game now not fun of playing.

  9. Every Yankee great from Ruth (knee) to DiMag (heel) to Mantle (knee) has lost substantial time to those injuries. Batters need balance and weight shift to coordinate hitting a 95 mph fast ball. Judge has a genuine serious injury. He’s never jaked it or begged off for anything. Wish him Godspeed to recover and stop complaining.

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