Yankees fans celebrate as Gerrit Cole takes a hit for a triple

Gerrit Cole is with his wife Amy and two sons at a beach in November 2023.
Amy Cole/ Insta
John Allen
Tuesday December 5, 2023

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New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is relishing the offseason, showcasing not only his professional success with a recent Cy Young award but also cherishing valuable family moments. A few weeks ago, a heartwarming video surfaced featuring Gerrit Cole engaging in a soccer game with his son Caden, captivating the affection of his fans. Now, another endearing video featuring the father-son pair has surfaced.

While Gerrit Cole commands immense respect for his on-field prowess, it is his off-field charm that endears him to the Bronx fanbase. Notably, these videos have transformed little Caden into a beloved figure among the Yankee Nation, prompting an intriguing reaction from the fan community upon viewing their latest video.


Caden has evolved into an emblematic figure for fans by replicating his father’s rituals before each game and partaking in soccer matches together. The audience consistently anticipates more endearing videos featuring the young Cole, and their desires have been fulfilled with Gerrit Cole recently sharing a heartwarming moment with his charming son.

Despite being a Cy Young winner known for instilling fear in the hearts of most league hitters, Gerrit Cole’s son, Caden, took a swing at his pitches in the shared video. Enjoying quality time on a beach, the ace pitches for his son, who successfully hits the ball and gleefully dashes away.

Amidst the cheers of the onlookers, Caden successfully rounds first base, proceeds to second, and conquers third base. In an impressive display, he hits his father for a triple. What adds to the joy is Caden’s playful slide as he secures third base, evoking smiles from everyone witnessing the young boy create a cherished memory. With his left-handed hitting style, Caden exhibits a natural flair for batting. The question arises: could he potentially evolve into a formidable hitter in the future?

Gerrit Cole, his wife and son after his dominant performance against the Twins at Yankee Stadium on April 16, 2023

The Yankees universe reacts to Gerrit Cole’s video

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