Yankees fans can own Mickey Mantle’s home for just $7

Mickey Mantle and his childhood home in Commerce. OK.

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Fans of Mickey Mantle have the opportunity to acquire ownership stakes in the childhood residence of the Yankees legend located in Commerce, Oklahoma. Rally, a platform that facilitates shared ownership of diverse collectibles such as fine wines and sports automobiles, is set to release 47,000 shares in this historic home at a cost of $7 per share.

Rally will retain ownership of a portion of Mickey Mantle’s home, equivalent to a stake ranging from 1 percent to 5 percent. Furthermore, Rally is granting 2,200 complimentary shares to about 2,000 residents of Commerce, with Rally covering the associated costs to prevent any devaluation of the other shares.

Mickey Mantle’s home for just $7

According to a public announcement by Rally, the property’s appraised value stands at $329,000. Since Rally’s acquisition of Mickey Mantle’s home for $175,000 in 2022, the company has been exploring various potential applications for this iconic piece of sports history.

The precise details of shareholders’ obligations, such as handling tax payments, insurance, property upkeep, and enhancements, or the operational expenses related to managing a museum, were still under discussion, according to ESPN’s report.

Petrozzo informed the publication that they approximated Rally’s cash reserves could provide a financial buffer for a period of three to five years.

In the end, Rally has high expectations that Mickey Mantle’s legacy can translate into a profitable venture within the real estate domain. Mickey Mantle memorabilia has consistently commanded significant sums, exemplified by the sale of a 1952 Topps card for $12.6 million, setting a record as the most expensive sports card or memorabilia piece ever sold.

The objective behind the idea

Several concepts for the utilization of the property have been suggested, including transforming the house into a museum, establishing a short-term rental in the style of Airbnb, developing a Little League baseball field, and producing collectible trading cards containing fragments of Mickey Mantle’s home.

Rally co-founder and chief product officer Rob Petrozzo conveyed the idea that they aimed to create a destination similar to places like Graceland or certain areas in Motown. He explained that this place would attract people who held a deep appreciation for the game of baseball and Mickey Mantle. Petrozzo emphasized that their belief was that many people were unaware of the existence of such a destination.

Mickey Mantle is widely renowned as one of the finest switch-hitters in baseball history and devoted his entire career to the New York Yankees. The 20-time All-Star played a pivotal role in guiding the Yankees to seven World Series championships and earned the AL MVP award three times.

In 1956, he achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Triple Crown.

This represents the company’s inaugural fractional ownership opportunity in real estate. Investors will have the chance to submit proposals and participate in voting on the property’s future, which may involve transforming it into a museum, designating it as a national landmark, or adding a baseball diamond to the backyard for use by local little leagues, as stated in the company’s announcement.

Mickey Mantle last played in pinstripes on September 28, 1968.
Oklahoma Historical Society

The residence, formerly inhabited by the Yankees icon renowned for his No. 7 jersey, is situated alongside Route 66 in Commerce, Oklahoma. Rally’s inaugural public offering is set to commence on October 27 at 12 p.m. ET, presenting 47,000 shares at $7 per share, resulting in a comprehensive offering value of $329,000.

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