Yankees bring Thanksgiving cheer to hundreds of Bronx families


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On Friday, numerous Bronx families convened for an early Thanksgiving celebration, facilitated by the New York Yankees, their hometown team.

Collaborating with Legends Hospitality and Scan-Harbor, the Yankees played a pivotal role in organizing the event at Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park and Rec Center. Legends Hospitality contributed to the provision of food for the numerous families in attendance, while Scan-Harbor, operating at the park and rec center, offers after-school programming for children in the Bronx.

Yankees dinner was sumptuous

The festive menu featured an array of Thanksgiving classics, including turkeys, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and green beans. Given that the Bronx has the highest concentration of food-insecure individuals according to city data, Yankees representatives expressed their joy in assisting the community, ensuring that attendees departed with both full stomachs and hearts.

Yankees executive chef Matt Gibson mentioned that all the managers working at Yankee Stadium volunteer their time and find enjoyment in doing so. He noted the enjoyable atmosphere in the kitchen, highlighting the presence of smiling and content individuals throughout the area.

Families received leftover food to take home, and any remaining food will be donated to a local church.

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