Yankees betray fans with upsetting day, embarrassing night

Yankees GM is explaining his trade inaction while fan Jon holds a banner reading "FIRE CASHMAN" outside Yankee Stadium on Aug 1, 2023.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday August 2, 2023

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Yankees fans were optimistic ahead of the crucial game against the Rays and the trade deadline, hoping for significant moves from the management. However, they were left disappointed and frustrated as Brian Cashman’s lack of action was followed by a disheartening night. The team suffered a defeat, and the opportunity to reshape their fortunes during the trade window also slipped away.

A mere 68 minutes after an uninspiring trade deadline that brought only a reliever and minor-league pitcher to the team, the Yankees disappointingly fell short, succumbing 5-2 to the Rays on Tuesday night in The Bronx. With the Yankees’ record now standing at 55-52, their chances of catching up to the AL East rivals are slipping away, especially after suffering their third consecutive loss against the competition. The team managed to muster just seven hits during the game, further highlighting their offensive struggles.

As a gloomy and perplexed Brian Cashman sat in a press room at Yankee Stadium, he had to face questions about why the team made minimal moves to address their issues and attempt a miraculous turnaround. Meanwhile, the Rays added insult to injury by hitting two home runs off Carlos Rodon, pushing the Yankees into a discouraging 4-0 deficit by the third inning.

Yankees fans expressed their deep disappointment, and the chants of “FIRE CASHMAN! FIRE CASHMAN!” echoed through the right-field bleachers, reflecting their frustration with the team’s performance and lack of significant trade deadline moves.

Once more, during the ninth inning, the fans erupted with the “FIRE CASHMAN!” chants as the Yankees faced another disappointing defeat against the Rays, ending in a 5-2 loss. The frustration and anger of the fan base, evident both on social media and within the stadium, won’t subside until the team demonstrates a significant climb in the standings and proves their potential for a strong postseason performance. Brian Cashman’s decision to maintain the current roster, despite hovering around a .500 record and being outside the playoff picture, is a risky move that has left the team with two months to salvage their regular season.

The broken Yankees team

AP Photo/ Frank Franklin II

The Yankees’ path to the playoffs seems uncertain as they struggle with a roster that has several shortcomings, and Cashman’s lack of significant action before the trade deadline did little to address these issues. The team’s additions were limited to Keynan Middleton, a middle reliever from the White Sox, and Spencer Howard, a minor-league pitcher from the Rangers. Unfortunately, these acquisitions are unlikely to solve the Yankees’ main problem – their struggling offense, which is a significant factor in their current last-place standing.

Following a rather underwhelming performance by Cashman during the day, the Yankees’ offense struggled to produce any runs until the ninth inning when, with two outs, Gleyber Torres managed a double to bring in a run, and DJ LeMahieu followed suit, driving in another with a single.

In the ninth inning, the Yankees found themselves with a chance to tie the game as they had the potential tying run at the plate with two outs. Despite going into their last at-bats trailing 5-0, they managed to mount a late rally. However, pinch-hitter Giancarlo Stanton‘s four-pitch strikeout ended their hopes and resulted in their third consecutive loss and 10th loss out of 16 games since the All-Star break.

Once more, Carlos Rodon’s performance disappointed his team, particularly in a four-run, four-inning outing marked by four walks. This subpar start further added to his struggles since returning from the injured list, resulting in a 1-4 record and a 6.29 ERA in five starts during the latter half of the season.

Brian Cashman’s big folly

The general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The Yankees were in dire need of offensive reinforcements, craving one, two, or even three impactful bats, but Cashman chose not to make any significant moves, leaving many fans disappointed. Additionally, he opted not to explore trade options for his walk-year players despite receiving offers for both buying and selling purposes.

Despite the Yankees’ offensive struggles being the primary reason for their current playoff position, the trade deadline brought no significant changes to address their batting woes. As of Monday, the team sat at the bottom of the AL East with a 55-51 record, trailing the division leader Baltimore by ten games and sitting 3 ½ games away from a wild-card spot.

Kiner-Falefa expressed that the team has not contributed positively to their situation, acknowledging that despite their efforts to improve, the results have been lacking, placing the front office in a challenging position. He emphasized that the responsibility lies with the players and feels there is nothing they can do to change the current circumstances.

Cashman had the opportunity to make significant changes. The team’s offensive performance has been lackluster, ranking among the weakest in baseball, and there is still a vacancy in the left-field position. Surprisingly, the Yankees chose not to pursue any of the available outfielders. In contrast, while the Yankees only acquired a reliever during this year’s trade deadline, many other American League contenders made more substantial moves to bolster their rosters.

The general manager attempted to justify his actions with more excuses. The general manager expressed confidence in the team’s talent and capabilities, acknowledging that recent performance has been disappointing. However, he weighed the available options and considered the team’s current state.

“I do think we have the talent,” he said. “We do have the capabilities. Saying it is one thing. I know watching it lately hasn’t been anything close to what you feel comfortable with. But we did measure that with, ultimately, the options that were presented to us on.

Surprisingly, for the third time in the past five seasons, the Yankees opted to make minimal or no moves before the trade deadline. Cashman chose not to add any significant additions in 2019 and 2020 as well.

Fans turned furious

The Yankees’ lack of a clear strategy at this year’s trade deadline has left the fan base enraged. Their dissatisfaction goes beyond mere expression; it’s an overwhelming outpouring of frustration, with over a thousand replies, a continuous stream of negativity, criticism, and anger.

The Yankees fans endured a disappointing evening as Cashman’s lackluster efforts resulted in a 5-2 loss, leaving them disheartened after a tough day.

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4 thoughts on “Yankees betray fans with upsetting day, embarrassing night

  1. Cashman , Boone and Levine all Suck !!!. Hey Hal ,Wat The F_ _ K Are U Waiting For !!!. This is a total Disgrace to the Yankee Fans and to George Steinbrenner (The Boss) . Enough Said !

  2. U Cnt Rely on ONE Pitcher on the Rotation to Win games !!!.(Gerritt Cole) . U had ur chance to give Justin Verlander an offer he couldn’t refuse and other available pitchers as a Free Agents !!!.
    Again U guys did Nothing !!!. Also Boone and the Coaching staff … besides Sean Casey….SUCK !!!. I remember when Boone the Goon first became Manager at the Spring Training at ESPN WWS against the Braves .He acted like a total Ass !!!. Didn’t allow any players to sign autographs for the Kids with the “On The Field Experience”. When I said something to him …he got all Cocky with a Major Attitude!!!.
    Bottom line is… U suck Boone !!!. Joe Girardi was such a good hearted person to the Kids and Fans when he was Manager . And he was the last Manger to win a World Series for the Yankee Empire !!!. Enough Said !!!.

  3. I’ve been a strong Cashman supporter throughout his run as GM. I think he’s got to go. Yankees should promote assistant GM Jean Afterman to the job.(It’s working for the Marlins with another former Cashman disciple Kim Ng). Boone has to go. I’m tired of him being continually outmaneuvered and out managed. How about giving Luis Rojas a shot to manage? Can’t be much worse than Boone. I actually miss Joe Girardi

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