Yankees announcer Michael Kay whips up creative puns for ‘Burger King’ moment

Michael Kay with Meredith Marakovits during a lighter moment at Yankee Stadium.
Sara Molnick
Friday June 9, 2023

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Michael Kay, the Yankees’ play-by-play broadcaster, seized the perfect chance on Thursday to unleash a flurry of clever puns inspired by fast food during Game 1 of the doubleheader against the White Sox.

In an opportune moment during the game with the Yankees trailing 6-5, an encounter between White Sox’s Jake Burger and Yankees’ reliever Michael King set the stage for an epic joke by Michael Kay in the top of the seventh inning. With their names displayed on the scoreboard as “Burger” and “King,” the announcer couldn’t resist referencing the famous slogan of the fast-food chain Burger King after Burger hit a foul ball.

“Check the bug up there — Burger against King,” Michael Kay said. “Burger King.”

And thus began the onslaught of clever remarks at Yankee Stadium.

“King wants to have it his way right now,” Michael Kay said, with the count at 2–1.

After witnessing Burger’s ground to the third base, Michael Kay smoothly added, “That was a whopper of an out that King got.”

The White Sox managed to maintain their narrow 6-5 advantage until the end. Burger had a successful Game 1, hitting a home run and collecting two hits in total.

Despite the Yankees’ loss in the game, Michael Kay’s pun-filled mood was evident, showcasing his playful spirit despite the team’s challenging performance. It is worth pondering whether his humorous remarks were aimed at potentially gaining viral attention or even sparking a brand collaboration, perhaps hoping for a sponsored partnership or even a complimentary Whopper Jr.

However, the Yankees have seen improvement in their performance since they had a record of 17-15. At that time, a fan took to Twitter to direct message to Michael Kay, questioning how he could defend Brian Cashman, the Yankees’ general manager.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Kay responded to the direct message.

Michael Kay challenged the individual to provide any evidence or quote from the broadcast where he defended Cashman. He offered to make a generous donation to their preferred charity if they could present any instance of him supporting the Yankee GM during that evening’s airing. He reiterated his willingness to fulfill the donation if such proof could be provided.


Kay expressed that if the individual was unable to provide any evidence, which he believed didn’t exist, he didn’t expect anything in return from them. He emphasized the importance of understanding that not criticizing Cashman should not be equated with defending him. Kay stated that he would patiently wait for the proof and expressed gratitude for the individual’s viewership of the game on Prime.

Following Kay’s challenge, the Twitter user did not provide a response, and since then, the Yankees have recorded a commendable 19-11 record in the subsequent 30 games.

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