Orioles’ store resorts to trolling Yankees, Michael Kay, adds bad blood to heated rivalry

The Orioles store at Camden Yards puts up this ball on sale as part of it strategy to troll the Yankees and Michael Kay, May 1, 2024.

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The heated AL East rivalry between the Yankees and the Orioles is spilling over to merchandise stores. To exploit this and further its promotion, the Orioles store at Camden Yards went a step further and joins the fan frenzy. It put up an item for sale with writing that effectively means trolling the Yankees and their long-time voice Michael Kay.

On Monday, the Yankees lost to the Orioles 2-0. It witnessed an Oswaldo Cabrera flyball falling short of the middle-left boundary and being caught. It wouldn’t have resolved the Yankees’ offensive struggles on that night. However, within the pre-2021 dimensions of Camden Yards, it had the potential to significantly impact the game.

In Cabrera’s flyout, the ball found its way into the outfielder’s glove, a pivotal play that stifled their momentum and brought the Yankees nearer to a disheartening start to the series. As renowned Yankees announcer Michael Kay mournfully expressed, the result might have varied had the wall not been relocated significantly by construction crews.

Between 2021 and 2022, the Orioles made significant changes to their home field. They extended the left-field wall by an impressive 30 feet at its furthest point and increased its height by five feet. Opinions vary on this alteration – some view it as an artificial method to suppress offense, perhaps less effective than improving pitching skills. Regardless of perspective, the sudden change in strategy carries a touch of humor.

While the Yankees‘ contentious short porch has been a constant topic of discussion, at least it has remained unchanged. Ironically, it has even slightly diminished over time. This unintended jest at the Orioles by their own supporters only adds to the excitement of the postseason.

Meanwhile, the Orioles’ team store went on selling a gimmick merchandise that ended up trolling the Yankees and Kay. Their pitch on the wall issue invites those seeking a tangible keepsake of the Yankees’ misfortune, a modest sum of $50 guarantees ownership of the game ball.

Orioles team store adds new dimension to rivalry with Yankees

The Orioles’ team store executed a masterful troll, yet fans could find one tiny loophole to pick at. Indeed, Cabrera’s flyout might have only been a home run in a few of today’s 30 MLB stadiums. However, the dimensions of the old Camden Yards are the only ones that matter in this context! Saying, “It would have been a homer if the wall hadn’t moved,” carries more weight than suggesting it would have cleared the fences in Cincinnati!

Regrettably, the Yankees found themselves in a difficult position. Throughout the game, whenever runners were in scoring position, their bats failed to make an impact against Grayson Rodriguez and the Orioles’ bullpen. This offensive struggle, frustratingly echoed in their loss on Tuesday, was disheartening to witness.

The bad blood has already spilled over and the rivalry is set to heat more.

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