Who is Jahmai Jones, the Yankees’ next potential utility star?

Jahmai Jones, the Yankees' next potential utility star.

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Recently acquired via waivers, outfielder Jahmai Jones has seamlessly acclimated to the rhythm of the Yankees’ spring training. Demonstrating palpable focus and unwavering determination, he openly articulated his aspirations to NJ Advance Media during a recent interview.

Jahmai Jones sets his sights firmly on clinching a coveted spot on the Yankees’ Opening Day roster as his paramount objective. However, his ambition extends beyond mere inclusion; he is driven to actively bolster the team’s performance once he secures his position. This fervent desire to make a tangible impact underscores his unwavering commitment to achieving success.

Navigating the rigorous landscape of spring training and the formidable task of breaking into the majors, Jahmai Jones exhibits remarkable maturity. His resolute focus on earning his spot and elevating the Yankees’ performance underscores his seasoned perspective in the realm of professional baseball. Embracing the challenge of assimilating into a new environment, Jahmai Jones approaches this transition with a composed demeanor and a clear vision of his objectives.

Who is Jahmai Jones?

Jahmai Jones, known for his versatility in defense and powerful hitting from the right side, has traversed the dynamic landscape of professional baseball in recent years. Drafted by the Angels in the second round from Wesleyan School in Georgia in 2015, he was once heralded as their top prospect. Despite this acclaim, Jahmai Jones has only seen action in 36 Major League Baseball games throughout his career, facing challenges in securing a permanent position. Since 2020, he has moved between four different organizations, struggling to find stability.


A glimmer of hope emerged during his stint with the Brewers last season. Making his MLB comeback after nearly two years, Jahmai Jones made an immediate impact as a pinch-hitter, stunning the crowd with a timely three-run double against the Cubs, catalyzing a remarkable comeback victory.

Yet, the elation was short-lived. Within a week, Jahmai Jones found himself demoted back to Triple-A. In February of the current year, the Brewers designated him for assignment, propelling him back onto the journey of seeking another opportunity. Despite his proven capability to contribute at the highest level, Jones arrives at Yankees’ spring training with an unyielding determination to finally carve his niche in Major League Baseball.

Jahmai Jones comprehends the pragmatic dynamics inherent in baseball. He acknowledges that decisions regarding rosters lie beyond his control. Consequently, he has embraced a mindset of “control what you can control.” Each day, he arrives prepared to contribute in any capacity, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the team’s triumph. While Jahmai Jones respects the Yankees’ authority in making decisions, his primary focus remains on delivering his best performance and relishing the journey.

Jahmai Jones’ upbringing deviates from the conventional narrative of a baseball-centric family. Rather, his roots are deeply embedded in football. His late father, Andre, notably excelled as a linebacker on the 1988 National Championship-winning Notre Dame team and even ventured into the NFL with the Detroit Lions. This rich athletic lineage extends to Jahmai Jones’ siblings, with both brothers pursuing professional football careers: T.J. having stints with the Detroit Lions and the New York Giants, and Malachi making appearances in the arena football league and the XFL.

Coming of age within such a fiercely competitive milieu undeniably sculpted Jahmai Jones’ unwavering determination and relentless work ethic. He likely had to continually challenge himself to keep stride with his athletic brothers, a trait poised to serve him well as he vies for a spot on the Yankees roster this spring.

An opportunity beckons

Jahmai Jones’ dedication to performance comes at a pivotal juncture for the Yankees. With uncertainties surrounding Oswald Peraza’s shoulder injury and Oswaldo Cabrera‘s struggles at the plate during spring training, an unforeseen opportunity has emerged for Jahmai Jones. His inclusion on the 40-man roster positions him strongly for a utility role.

Furthermore, Jahmai Jones’ lack of remaining minor league options bolsters his candidacy for the major league squad. Unless the Yankees are willing to risk losing him through waivers, they are incentivized to secure a spot for him. One potential resolution might involve assigning Cabrera and/or Peraza to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre for consistent at-bats and further development, while Jones assumes a versatile bench role in the Bronx. This approach enables the Yankees to address immediate requirements while nurturing promising young talent for future endeavors.

Primarily recognized as a second baseman, Jahmai Jones has augmented his candidacy for a bench position with the Yankees by demonstrating his versatility in playing all three outfield positions during his tenure in the minor leagues. Although shortstop isn’t within his skill set, potentially limiting his defensive adaptability, Jahmai Jones could complement a defensively-oriented specialist competing for a similar role by offering a more formidable offensive presence.


Yankees manager Aaron Boone underscored Jahmai Jones’ strengths while discussing his potential contribution. Boone commended his prowess in power hitting and his consistent knack for reaching base throughout his minor league journey. He further expounded on Jahmai Jones’ adeptness in drawing walks and his well-rounded hitting capabilities, indicating his capacity to drive the ball to all areas of the field.

Despite his limited exposure to the major leagues, Jahmai Jones has showcased his offensive potential during spring training. Across four appearances, he has garnered three hits, including a double against the Tigers. While his MLB statistics are modest, with a .179 batting average, seven RBIs, and 33 strikeouts in 84 at-bats, Jahmai Jones’ power-hitting prowess and ability to get on base could serve as valuable assets for the Yankees’ bench.

Jahmai Jones readily acknowledges the inevitability of challenges, be it in baseball, life, or any other endeavor. He places considerable emphasis on the importance of resilience in confronting adversity, a principle he integrates into his daily regimen. Despite encountering setbacks along his journey, Jahmai Jones maintains an optimistic outlook and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to pursue his passion professionally. This resilient mindset and steadfast determination could very well prove pivotal in securing his place on the Yankees roster.

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