What is the Yankees’ longest winning streak?

The 1947 team that scripted the Yankees' longest winning streak at the dugout during a game.
Michael Bennington
Saturday December 10, 2022

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The New York Yankees’ longest winning streak came in 1947 when they won 19 games in a row only during that season. It remains a team record since then. The team’s record at the end of that season was 97–57, and they won their 15th pennant by beating the Detroit Tigers by 12 games. They beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series.

The Yankees’ longest winning streak began on June 29, 1947, when they beat the Washington Senators 3-1. It ended on July 18, 1947, when they lost to the Detroit Tigers 0-8. The 1947 Yankees beat the Tigers by 12 games to win the AL pennant. They were led by MVP Joe DiMaggio and had stars like Yogi Berra, Ralph Houk, and Allie Reynolds on their team. Bucky Harris was in charge of New York.

It was the first time ever that a Yankees season was shown live on TV and this made the Yankees’ longest winning streak more memorable.

The 1916 New York Giants have the record for the longest win streak in Major League Baseball history. But there is a catch: the Giants went 27 games without losing, and during that time, they won 26 games and tied one. The Yankees’ longest winning streak came with consecutive victories.

The Yankees have won 12 games in a row 11 times: 1905, 1906, 1926, 1939, 1941, 1947, 1953, 1954, 1960, 1961, and 2021). Of these, their eight teams made it to the World Series.

The “Murderer’s Row” Yankees of 1927, which included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri, Earle Combs, Mark Koenig, and Bob Meusel, won nine straight games from June 13 to June 23. The 1998 team that won 114 games had a 10-game winning streak from June 30 to July 12. Both teams fell short of the Yankees’ longest winning streak achieved in 1947.

What is the Yankees’ longest winning streak at home?

The New York Yankees’ longest winning streak at Yankee Stadium is 18 home games in a row. This happened during the 1942 season. The winning streak began on May 3, 1942, when they beat the Chicago White Sox 6-4 at home. It ended on June 7, 1942, when they lost to the Cleveland Indians 4-5 at home.

What is the Yankees’ longest winning streak on road?

The New York Yankees’ longest winning streak on road came during the 1953 season when they won 15 straight road games. The winning streak began on May 29, 1953, when the team beat the Philadelphia Athletics 12-7 on the road. It ended on June 30, 1953, when the team lost to the Boston Red Sox 5-4 on the road.

TeamYear(s)Winning StreakStreak Breaker
1New York Yankees194719@ Detroit Tigers 0-8
2New York Yankees195318vs St. Louis Browns 1-3
3New York Yankees192616vs Philadelphia Athletics 1-2
4New York Yankees196015vs Minnesota Twins 0-6
New York Highlanders190615vs Boston Americans 1-4
6New York Yankees194114@ Chicago White Sox 1-7
7New York Yankees202113@ Oakland Athletics 2-3
New York Yankees196113@ Chicago White Sox 3-8
New York Yankees195413vs Detroit Tigers 6-8
10New York Yankees193912vs Detroit Tigers 1-6
New York Highlanders190512vs Chicago White Sox 2-8
12New York Yankees202211@ Toronto Blue Jays 1-2
New York Yankees198511@ Milwaukee Brewers 3-4
New York Yankees196411@ Washington Senators 2-3
New York Yankees195611vs Detroit Tigers 4-8
New York Yankees194211@ Cleveland Indians 2-3
New York Yankees192611@ Chicago White Sox 1-2
New York Highlanders190611vs Philadelphia Athletics 1-7
19New York Yankees202010@ Boston Red Sox 2-10
New York Yankees201210vs Atlanta Braves 3-4
New York Yankees200510@ Seattle Mariners 6-7
New York Yankees199810@ Cleveland Indians 1-4
New York Yankees198710@ Cleveland Indians 5-6
New York Yankees196810@ Detroit Tigers 1-9
New York Yankees195810@ Detroit Tigers 2-3
New York Yankees195710vs Chicago White Sox 3-4
New York Yankees195410@ Boston Red Sox 3-4
New York Yankees193910@ Detroit Tigers 6-7
New York Yankees193210vs Detroit Tigers 3-4
New York Yankees193110vs Cleveland Indians 1-5
New York Yankees192010vs Washington Senators 6-7
126^New York Giants191686–66
222Cleveland Indians2017102–60
3 (tie)21^Chicago White Stockings188067–17
3 (tie)21Chicago Cubs1935100–54
5 (tie)20St. Louis Maroons188494–19
5 (tie)20Providence Grays188484–28
5 (tie)20Oakland Athletics2002103–59
8 (tie)19^Chicago White Sox1906*93–58
8 (tie)19New York Yankees1947*97–57
10 (tie)18Chicago White Stockings188587–25
10 (tie)18^Boston Beaneaters189187–51
10 (tie)18New York Giants1904106–47
10 (tie)18New York Yankees1953*99–52
14 (tie)17St. Louis Browns1885179–33
14 (tie)17Boston Beaneaters189793–39
14 (tie)17New York Giants190782–71
14 (tie)17Washington Senators191291–61
14 (tie)17New York Giants191686–66
14 (tie)17Philadelphia Athletics1931107–45
14 (tie)17Pittsburgh Pirates**1937
14 (tie)17St. Louis Cardinals202190–72
22 (tie)16St. Louis Maroons188494–19
22 (tie)16^Philadelphia Quakers188775–48
22 (tie)16Philadelphia Phillies189078–53
22 (tie)16Philadelphia Phillies189287–66
22 (tie)16Pittsburgh Pirates1909*110–42
22 (tie)16New York Giants1912103–48
22 (tie)16New York Yankees192691–63
22 (tie)16New York Giants195198–59
22 (tie)16Kansas City Royals1977102–60
22 (tie)16Milwaukee Brewers**1986
RankGamesTeamSeason(s)Beginning (first victory)End (first defeat)
1 (tie)12New York Yankees1927–28, 1932October 5, 19275–4Pittsburgh PiratesSeptember 30, 19361–6New York Giants
1 (tie)12New York Yankees1998–99October 10, 19984–0Cleveland IndiansOctober 16, 19991–13Boston Red Sox
311Kansas City Royals1985, 2014October 24, 19856–1St. Louis CardinalsOctober 21, 20141–7San Francisco Giants
4 (tie)10New York Yankees1937–39, 1941October 10, 19374–2New York GiantsOctober 2, 19412–3Brooklyn Dodgers
4 (tie)10Oakland Athletics1989–90October 7, 19896–5Toronto Blue JaysOctober 16, 19900–7Cincinnati Reds
4 (tie)10San Francisco Giants2012, 2014October 19, 20125–0St. Louis CardinalsOctober 6, 20141–4Washington Nationals
79Boston Red Sox2007–08October 18, 20077–1Cleveland IndiansOctober 5, 20084–5 (12)Los Angeles Angels
8 (tie)8Cincinnati Reds1975–76October 22, 19754–3Boston Red SoxOctober 12, 19792–5 (11)Pittsburgh Pirates
8 (tie)8Cincinnati Reds1990, 1995October 12, 19902–1Pittsburgh PiratesOctober 10, 19951–2 (11)Atlanta Braves
8 (tie)8Boston Red Sox2004October 17, 20046–4 (12)New York YankeesOctober 4, 20052–14Chicago White Sox
8 (tie)8Chicago White Sox2005October 12, 20052–1Los Angeles AngelsOctober 2, 20084–6Tampa Bay Rays
8 (tie)8Washington Nationals2019October 7, 20196–1Los Angeles DodgersOctober 25, 20191–4Houston Astros
Beginning (first victory)End (first defeat)
114New York Yankees1996, 1998–2000October 22, 19965–2Atlanta BravesOctober 24, 20002–4New York Mets
212New York Yankees1927–28, 1932October 5, 192713–6Pittsburgh PiratesSeptember 30, 19361–6New York Giants
310New York Yankees1937–39, 1941October 10, 19373–2New York GiantsOctober 2, 19412–3Brooklyn Dodgers
4(tie)9Cincinnati Reds1975–76, 1990October 22, 19754–3Boston Red Sox
4(tie)9Boston Red Sox2004, 2007, 2013October 23, 20048–1St. Louis CardinalsOctober 24, 20132–4St. Louis Cardinals
6(tie)7New York Yankees1949–50October 7, 19495–2Brooklyn DodgersOctober 4, 19511–5New York Giants
6(tie)7San Francisco Giants2010, 2012, 2014October 31, 20104–0Texas RangersOctober 22, 20142–7Kansas City Royals
8(tie)6Chicago Cubs1907–08October 9, 19076–1Detroit TigersOctober 12, 19083–8Detroit Tigers
8(tie)6Los Angeles Dodgers1981, 1988October 23, 19815–4New York YankeesOctober 18, 19881–2Oakland Athletics
8(tie)6New York Yankees1978, 1981October 13, 19783–0Los Angeles DodgersOctober 23, 19814–5Los Angeles Dodgers

Yankees’ longest winning streak with homers: 31 (2019)

The only team with more home runs than the 2019 Yankees is the Minnesota Twins from the same year. The Twins won by one home run at the end (307-306). But the Yankees hit a home run in 31 straight games. They started the run against the Kansas City Royals and hit seven home runs in five games against their rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The Texas Rangers in 2002 were the last team to finish 27 games out of a wild-card spot, but New York beat them by making it to the ALCS. The 2019 AL champion Houston Astros had won 25 straight games before the season ended, which puts them in the top 10 of all time.

When do you think the Yankees can have 20 wins in a row?

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