Space enthusiast Gerrit Cole’s school visit launches smiles with adorable gift moment

Gerrit Cole and his wife Amy visited South Bronx prep just blocks away from Yankee Stadium.

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New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole and his wife Amy recently paid a heartwarming visit to The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology in South Bronx. Known for its proximity to the Bronx stadium and the significant impact of the Cole Foundation, the school welcomed the couple with open arms. This visit, however, was about more than just baseball and philanthropy—it suddenly became about a shared love for space.

Gerrit Cole meets a fellow NASA fan

During their visit, Gerrit and Amy Cole participated in a special Q&A session with the school’s baseball and softball teams. But the highlight of the day was an unexpected and touching exchange between Gerrit and a student who shared his passion for space exploration. This student, who had previously received a gift from astronaut Dan Tani, decided to pass on the same gift to Gerrit Cole. Though the specifics of the gift remain unclear, it was a gesture that spoke volumes.

Upon receiving the gift, Gerrit Cole responded with a simple yet enthusiastic “Sweet!” before revealing his own fascination with NASA and space. This unexpected connection between the major league pitcher and the young student added a unique twist to the visit.

A heartfelt visit beyond the classroom

The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology isn’t just another school for the Cole family. Gerrit Cole plays just blocks away, and the school has been significantly impacted by the efforts of the Cole Foundation. Amy Cole shared, “We found this school just from researching schools in the Bronx and the more we’ve spoken with the principal, we’re just inspired to help and enhance what they’re already doing.”

Gerrit Cole echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of experiencing the school’s environment in person. “To experience it in person just adds another level of connection honestly to put a face and a handshake to the names and meet the kids. We’ve received some letters but to hear it first hand, see what they’re learning,” he said.

The visit included more than just meeting students; it was about understanding their aspirations and the programs that have made a significant impact on their lives. Amy noted, “It’s really fun to hear what their plans are after school, for college, and some of the programs that have made a big impact in their lives.”

During the Q&A session, the Coles engaged with the school’s baseball and softball teams, providing insights and inspiration. When asked how he regains confidence after a bad start, Gerrit Cole shared, “You know, umm, I build a lot of confidence in my process, in my routine. You can throw good pitching and get a bad result but in order to give yourself the best chance to get good results all the time, you got to put yourself in the position to throw good pitches all the time.”

Amy also played a crucial role in the session, offering advice on balancing academics and athletics, and providing another layer of expertise to the students’ questions.

The mission of the Gerrit & Amy Cole Foundation

The visit underscored the broader mission of the Gerrit & Amy Cole Foundation, which aims to improve the standard of living for children across the country. The foundation believes that every child deserves an opportunity to stay healthy, educated, and safe.

In essence, the Coles’ visit to The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology was more than just a routine stop; it was a testament to their dedication to the community and their commitment to fostering connections and inspiring the next generation. And for one special moment, it was also about a shared love for the stars, both on the field and in the sky. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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