Top pitching prospect gives Yankees hope as Gerrit Cole’s replacement


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New York Yankees pitching prospect Will Warren offered a candid assessment of his recent spring training outing, acknowledging it was a “bit of a unpack there” after a rollercoaster performance.

Warren faced a tough test against a Boston Red Sox lineup mirroring their regular-season roster. The outing started rough, with the Yankees’ prospect surrendering six runs (though only two earned) in a short 2 2/3 innings. However, he showcased a contrasting pitching style characterized by inducing ground balls. Despite conceding a run, Warren’s ability to generate weak contact was evident, although refining his command lower in the strike zone could enhance his effectiveness.

Despite the rocky beginning, Warren displayed resilience. Pitching coach Matt Blake intervened early, briefly pulling him from the game in the first inning but allowing him to return in the second. This move seemed to benefit the Yankees’ prospect, who found his composure and finished the outing on a stronger note.

Warren shows grit and impresses Yankees

Following a shaky start vs. the Sox, New York Yankees pitching prospect Will Warren displayed remarkable focus and composure to salvage his spring training outing.

However, Warren didn’t crumble. Pitching coach Matt Blake intervened, briefly pulling him from the mound in the first inning before allowing him to return in the second. This temporary break appeared to be the turning point. The Yankees’ prospect re-entered the game with a newfound determination, striking out two of the three batters he faced in the second inning. He continued his strong showing with a scoreless third and recording an out in the fourth before concluding his day.

Reflecting on the outing, Warren described the initial struggles as unsettling. However, upon returning to the mound, he adopted a resolute mindset, determined to overcome the challenges. This mental shift, the Yankees’ prospect believes, played a key role in his turnaround.

In the highly competitive race to fill the void left by the injured Gerrit Cole in the Yankees’ rotation, every chance to showcase one’s abilities is critical. According to pitching coach Matt Blake, Warren’s ability to navigate adversity effectively stood out. “He’s made a strong impression,” Blake remarked, lauding the resilience of the Yankees’ prospect and performance under pressure. While the outing started rough, Warren’s ability to bounce back and find his groove has certainly caught the eye of the coaching staff.

Warren vs. Gil: Resilience vs. raw talent

Luis Gil, player of the new york yankees

The competition for the open spot in the New York Yankees’ rotation has intensified, with Will Warren emerging as a serious contender alongside the recovering Luis Gil. Both young arms are slated to pitch on Friday against the New York Mets, with Gil starting and Warren following in relief.

While Gil boasts slightly better statistics so far this spring training, his recent return from Tommy John surgery raises some questions. He’s compiled a 2.31 ERA in four appearances (including two starts), compared to Warren’s 4.35 ERA in the same number of outings. Despite Gil’s impressive numbers, the Yankees might prioritize the availability of the Yankees’ prospect for the entire season, considering Gil’s limited game time since 2022.

However, a potential obstacle exists for Warren – he’s not currently on the Yankees’ 40-man roster. This could be overcome by the team placing another player on the 60-day injured list, freeing up a spot.

Friday’s game presents a crucial opportunity for both Warren and Gil to showcase their abilities. Warren’s resilience under pressure was on display, while Gil proved his recovery was complete and he could handle a full season workload. The Yankees’ coaching staff will be closely analyzing both pitchers as they make their final decision on who will fill the vacant spot in the rotation.

Trevino lauds Warren’s maturity

New York Yankees’ catcher Jose Trevino lauded Will Warren’s mental approach on the mound, praising his maturity and ability to process information effectively. Trevino pointed out the willingness of the Yankees’ top prospect to listen to suggestions and incorporate strategies, particularly when it comes to game planning against opposing hitters.

Furthermore, Trevino commended Warren’s adaptability, especially when facing adversity during his recent game against the Red Sox. Despite encountering early struggles, Trevino admired the Yankees’ prospect for his mature response, where he refocused and emphasized sticking to the team’s game plan. This mental fortitude is a crucial quality for any pitcher, and Trevino’s observations highlight Warren’s potential.

Beyond the box score, Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake shed light on how he evaluates player performance. While statistics play a part, Blake explained his focus extends to various other factors that contribute to a pitcher’s success. Key areas he observes include how players handle extended innings, manage situations with base runners on, perform under time constraints, maintain emotional composure, and demonstrate physical endurance.

While these nuances can be challenging to assess during controlled practice settings, Blake emphasized the importance of live game situations. The pressure of a real contest provides valuable insights into a pitcher’s mental makeup and overall ability to perform under pressure. Warren’s recent outing against the Red Sox, with both setbacks and moments of resilience, likely offered valuable data for Blake’s evaluation process.

Warren ready to make impact on Yankees


At George M. Steinbrenner Field, Will Warren’s locker placement isn’t just convenient, it’s an opportunity. Located directly across from injured ace Gerrit Cole, the Yankees’ pitching prospect, along with fellow prospect Chase Hampton, has a prime spot to absorb knowledge from a seasoned veteran.

As the regular season inches closer, Warren vibrates with anticipation. His focus is clear: contribute to the team’s success. He yearns to crack the competitive roster and finish the season strong.

Pitching coach Matt Blake is impressed by Warren’s composure. He highlights the young gun’s ability to consistently execute pitches and capitalize on his strengths. Blake also noted Warren’s ability to navigate adversity, citing a recent game where the Yankees’ prospect struggled early. According to Blake, observing how Warren handled those challenges provided valuable insights for the coaching staff.

Drafted in the eighth round of the 2021 MLB Draft, Warren possesses a diverse pitching arsenal, as Blake describes. While there were initial concerns about his performance against lefties, the Yankees’ pitching prospect has made significant progress in understanding his strengths and effectively pitching to both sides of the plate. Blake is confident that once Warren gets the chance to shine, he’ll be a dependable force on the mound.

With Opening Day looming, Warren acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the team’s post-spring training plans. However, his confidence remains unshaken. He’s determined to seize every opportunity to compete for a roster spot and prove his capabilities. Whether he starts the season in the big leagues or works his way up, the Yankees’ prospect is prepared to make his mark on the New York Yankees.

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