Remember when Yankees star’s secret wedding left Derek Jeter speechless

Derek Jeter and Matsui, player of the New York Yankees

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Shohei Ohtani’s recent clandestine wedding evoked memories of another surprise union in Yankees history: Hideki Matsui’s secret marriage that left Derek Jeter and their teammates dumbfounded. Ohtani disclosed his marriage during the offseason, leaving the public curious about his mysterious wife, described only as a “normal Japanese woman” he had known for several years.

What happened with Matsu?

Derek Jeter and Matsui, player of the New York Yankees

Just before the commencement of the 2008 MLB season, Hideki Matsui made a surprising announcement that he had gotten married to an undisclosed woman, catching many off guard.

Expressing his sentiment through his interpreter, Matsui shared with the New York Times, “I met somebody who felt right, and that was it.”

During his tenure with the Yankees from 2003 to 2009, Hideki Matsui revealed that his marriage resulted in his victory in a wager against Derek Jeter.

“We had a bet,” Matsui revealed. “If he didn’t get married within a year, I would win the bet. Basically, the wager was whoever married first would win. Jeter claimed he didn’t have a girlfriend, so he got a one-year handicap.”

Throughout his playing days, Jeter was famously single, involved in various high-profile relationships before eventually marrying former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hannah Davis in 2016, two years after retiring from baseball. Matsui’s triumph in the bet left Derek Jeter feeling deceived.

“That’s not funny, that’s sad, that’s really sad,” Jeter commented to reporters. “If he wanted the money, he could have just asked. He didn’t have to go that far.”

Derek Jeter clarified that the bet initially involved Bobby Abreu, but Matsui inserted himself into the deal.

While aware that Matsui had a girlfriend, Jeter had no clue that marriage was on the horizon.

“I didn’t expect him to get married this soon,” Jeter lamented.

Matsui opted not to disclose his wife’s name to the press, only mentioning her as “a 25-year-old civilian who had previously worked at a respected company.”

With a playful demeanor, Jeter jokingly threatened to reveal Matsui’s wife’s name unless he received a refund on the bet.

Ohtani’s unexpected marriage mirrored Matsui’s secretive wedding, sparking tales of Yankees lore and surprising even seasoned veterans like Jeter. As these stories resurface, they contribute vibrant layers to the intricate history of baseball.

Derek Jeter and Matsui, player of the New York Yankees

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