Reggie Jackson regrets infidelity as his documentary is set to release

Reggie Jackson is with Howard Stern on SiriusXM.
Michael Bennington
Thursday March 23, 2023

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A new documentary about Reggie Jackson will debut on Friday, November 2nd, on Amazon Prime Video. As it nears, the former Yankees hitter, who was fondly called Mr. October for his exploits, discussed several things with Howard Stern on SiriusXM on Wednesday. This included his romantic life and allegations of infidelity too.

Reggie Jackson looked remorseful for his disloyalty in the past and didn’t hesitate to disclose that he cheated a lot.

Stern asked Reggie Jackson whether or not he found it challenging to open up emotionally to a new partner.

“It wasn’t hard for me to open my heart, but it was hard for me to be loyal,” Jackson said. “As a man, I cheated a lot.”

Reggie Jackson gave no explanations for what he did though he admitted that he was unfaithful in his romantic liaisons. During his playing career, the most famous clutch hitter in the post-season had a huge fan following and many women were after him. The 14-time All-Star couldn’t stop himself from sleeping with many of those women. He told:

“I won’t blame it on any excuse. I just cheated. I saw a pretty girl and I tried to sleep with her.”

The five-time World Series champion played baseball for 21 years and led his teams to first place ten times. Only twice did his team finish last.

But he was candid when Stern said that Reggie Jackson could choose from a lot of women because he was a well-known athlete with an immense fan base. He admitted that his infidelity ended many good relationships.

“I won’t blame it on that either. I won’t blame it on that. I had access and I took advantage of it, and I missed a couple of wonderful ladies in my life, and it was my fault.”

Reggie Jackson also highlighted how lucky he was to have Kimberly as a daughter. She was born in the 1980s, a few years after Reggie’s divorce from Jennie Campos, his first wife. Reggie had an affair with a woman outside of his marriage. Not much else is known about that. Kimberly is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) (USDA).

Even though she was born into a difficult situation, Kimberly has always been close to her father. Reggie has been honest about his mistakes and has taken responsibility for all of his children, including Kimberly. Reggie has talked in public about his relationship with Kimberly and how important it is to be there for her.

“I have a wonderful daughter,” he said. “I wasn’t married when I had her, but what an unbelievable experience, and she’s given me two grandchildren — two boys, and one of the kids, the poor son of a gun, he looks just like me.”

Reggie Jackson got married to Jennie Campos. During his first year at Arizona State, he the Mexican-American and asked her out on a date. He found that they had a lot in common, like being able to speak Spanish and having been raised by a single parent. Because Jackson was black and Campos was thought to be white, an assistant football coach tried to break them up. The coach called Campos’s wealthy uncle, who gave money to the school, and asked him to tell the couple that they shouldn’t be together. But they remained together, and she became his wife in the end. The couple separated in 1973.

During the show, Reggie Jackson admitted of seeing a woman he has known for almost three decades.

“She’s a tremendous friend, I love the life and spending time with her,” he said, adding that he will “probably” marry her.

Reggie Jackson also revealed to Stern that former MLB commissioner Bud Selig blocked his attempt to purchase the Oakland Athletics MLB team. He also told Stern stories about Yogi Berra and his fight with Thurman Munson.

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