MLB radio host foresees Yankees breaking 13-year title jinx in 2023


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WFAN host Sal Licata is fully convinced that the New York Yankees will finally put an end to their World Series drought in 2023. Sal Licata’s belief is reinforced by the recent performance of the Yankees’ lineup, which has impressively tallied 10 runs in three consecutive games this week, despite featuring numerous replacement players.

During his appearance on WFAN Sports Radio, Sal Licata highlighted that the team has emerged as one of the most formidable forces in baseball, even in the absence of several key starters. He emphasized their impressive performance and pointed out that their recent success has been on par with the hottest teams in the league.

What makes Sal Licata positive about Yankees’ title chase

Sal Licata emphasized that there was abundant evidence to support the notion that the team is capable of scoring runs even with players who seem more suited for the AAA Scranton lineup. He highlighted the unconventional lineup choices, such as Willie Calhoun batting third and the unfamiliarity surrounding players like Greg Allen. Sal questioned what more would be necessary to substantiate his viewpoint.

The radio host pondered the situation, considering the Rays’ remarkable season start and the Yankees’ injury woes, and wondered how the team manages to thrive with the current lineup. He expressed astonishment at the team’s performance, given the players currently in the lineup. Furthermore, Sal Licata anticipated the return of Giancarlo Stanton, contemplating the impact his presence would have on the team’s offensive capabilities.

In the series finale on Wednesday, the Yankees’ offense was ultimately stifled, primarily due to the dominant performance of George Kirby, who expertly commanded the strike zone for an impressive eight innings. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Yankees have recorded the most impressive record in all of baseball over the past month. Sal Licata confidently predicts that the team’s success will continue to improve leading up to October.

Yankees' Anthony Rizzo picks up Anthony Volpe after he hit the winning run against Baltimore at Yankee Stadium on May 24, 20223

Sal predicts 2023 holds significant promise for Yankees

The radio host acknowledged the doubts surrounding Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone, including his own skeptical remarks. However, Sal Licata emphasized that these doubts hold no significance. He observed that the Yankees have managed to secure victories against the Guardians in two out of three games, displayed a competitive spirit during their encounters in Tampa, and subsequently experienced a notable turnaround in their season. Sal regarded the team’s recent performance as excellent baseball.

Sal Licata expressed a strong conviction that the Yankees would achieve their goal. He shared his long-standing belief, dating back to 2017, that Aaron Judge, at the very least, would play a crucial role in leading the Yankees to a World Series victory. Sal emphasized that his confidence in this outcome has only grown stronger over time.

The New York Yankees had a great record of 19 wins and 10 loses in the month of May. Their recent play has also been good. In their last five games, they have won four of them. With a season record of 34 wins and 24 losses, it’s important to note that only eight of their losses were by just one run.

Yankees had their 27th title in 2009


A span of precisely 4,957 days has elapsed since the New York Yankees tasted the sweet triumph of their last World Series victory. In a remarkable display of pitching prowess led by Andy Pettitte and bolstered by a potent offense, the New York Yankees secured a historic 27th championship by triumphing over the Philadelphia Phillies in 2009.

Since 2009, the New York Yankees have had a string of disappointing seasons. Even though their fans are very demanding and want nothing less than a title every year, the team hasn’t made it to the World Series in 13 years.

According to Sal Licata, there is a belief that the current team possesses the necessary components to go all the way. Licata holds the firm conviction that this year will be the turning point for the club, where they will finally synchronize all the essential elements for success.

Sal Licata expressed his strong belief that the Yankees would accomplish their objective. The WFAN Sports Radio host predicts that 2023 will be the year when the Yankees overcome obstacles and reach the World Series. He firmly believes that this season will mark a significant breakthrough for the team, leading them to the coveted championship series.

Even though the New York Yankees made a lot of progress in May, the Tampa Bay Rays, who are known for breaking records, are still the team to beat in the American League East. At the moment, the Yankees are currently six games behind the Rays.

Yankees rank includes three former MVPs

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are with Yankees staff at their spring training camp in Tampa, Florida.

The New York Yankees have one of the strongest groups seen in the Bronx in recent years. Their team is led by Aaron Judge, the American League MVP in 2022. His amazing performance shows how good he is. In just 47 games, he has already hit 18 home runs and driven in 39 runs, which is an impressive number. Also, Judge is currently leading the league with an OPS of 1.089, which is an impressive number.

Collectively, the Yankees’ offense currently holds an impressive standing in the MLB, ranking fourth in the league with a total of 87 home runs. Additionally, they have claimed a respectable ninth position in terms of runs scored, amassing a total of 273 runs.

The fact that Giancarlo Stanton and Josh Donaldson are about to come back gives fans a new sense of hope for the future. Even though injuries have kept them out of the lineup, the two past MVPs are set to return this week. This gives fans another reason to be hopeful and excited.

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