Mike Francesa warns Yankees over ‘extreme’ Aaron Judge contract

Aaron Judge and Mike Francesa

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From social media to the Bronx streets, everywhere fans are celebrating the return of Aaron Judge to the Yankees after weeks of uncertainty. However, one Yankees fan doesn’t share their enthusiasm. On the most recent episode of “The Mike Francesa Podcast,” WFAN radio host Mike Francesa called the contract “extreme” and warned the Yankees about potential repercussions.

Aaron Judge agreed to an offer by the Yankees and dumped the Giants on Wednesday. The contract is for $360 million and runs for nine years. While this has brought joy to fans in New York, Mike Francesa has strong feelings about the new deal. He has pointed out that the biggest problem with the contract is that Aaron Judge will be very old by the end of its run. According to him:

“He’ll be 31 on Opening Day so this contract is an extreme contract. It’s a bad contract. The Yankees will pay dearly on this contract in years seven, eight, and nine. I don’t think there’s any question about that. He will not be the same player, because nobody is. You don’t know how he’s gonna age, how gracefully he’s gonna age, how productively he’s gonna age. But the bottom line is he’s had injury problems and he’s gonna be 31 late April. ”

Mike Francesa said that he knew Yankees fans were happy, but he made sure they knew that doing well in the regular season is not enough to justify such a big offer.

“If you’re a Yankee fan today, I know you are happy,” he told, “Some of you are overjoyed. You won’t be overjoyed with this contract six or seven years from now. But that doesn’t matter. There are going to be plenty of home runs, plenty of great moments from Judge before that. No one can discount that. But there has to be big postseason moments. And those have been few and far between. That’s what has to change.”

The Yankees have lost to the Astros twice in the last four years, and the Yankees have been trying to beat them every year.

Mike Francesa also said, “The status quo is kept; they still need to tweak and improve this team in some ways if they want to beat the Astros.”

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