Michael Kay’s criticism signals Aaron Boone’s days are numbered

Michael Kay
Michael Bennington
Sunday October 23, 2022

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Michael Kay, the best-known voice for the Yankees, was furious on Saturday after manager Aaron Boone took Gerrit Cole out of the game in the sixth inning. That act could become a turning point, as reliever Lou Trivino yielded three more runs that powered the Astros to a 5-0 victory.

Michael Kay and YES network slammed manager Aaron Boone for the way he chose to pitch Gerrit Cole in ALCS Game 3. “He’s the best! You’re in the ALCS because of that,’ the commentator argued.

The Yankees were already down 2-0 to the Astros with loaded the bases when starter Gerrit Cole was pulled out. Manager Aaron Boone took out his pitcher, who had already thrown 96 pitches. Michael Kay has been a YES Network commentator for a long time, and he questioned not only Boone’s choice to withdraw Cole, one of the Yankees’ best pitchers but also his choice to utilize Lou Trivino.

In the top of the sixth, with no outs and the Yankees down 2-0, starter Gerrit Cole put runners on first, second, and third. Manager Aaron Boone decided to take Cole out of the game and used Lou Trivino instead. Trivino let in two hits that led to three runs.

Michael Kay, the play-by-play announcer on the YES Network, was confused and angry about the decision after the game was over. He questioned Aaron Boone’s choice to take Gerrit Cole out of the game.

“I don’t understand, I mean I heard his answer, he said ‘you know we’re down 2-0, we have to keep it there.’ Don’t you trust Gerrit Cole? More than Lou Trivino?” Kay told, “I believe he will save my season even if Gerrit Cole is in 95th place. Even though Lou Trivino is good, he is not your best reliever. That doesn’t make sense! Cole being hurt was the only thing that would have made sense.”

Michael kay continued:

“He is fine! He’s your bait! He beat the Guardians in both of those games. He’s the reason why you’re in the American League Championship Series. And you sent him outside because you didn’t want the game to get out of hand? He is the one who can keep things under control!’

With only four combined runs and no wins, the Yankees stare at elimination in the American League Championship Series. After losing 5-0 in the Bronx on Saturday, the team is close to being swept out of the tournament if they don’t win tomorrow.

Michael Kay doesn’t call people out very often, and he wouldn’t make fun of a team official unless there is a reason. But Yankees supporters, including Kay, are fed up with Boone’s decisions.

Cole was just as surprised, and he said he thought he had more to give:

“I feel like a pitcher like me, I’m probably mostly surprised. I always want to keep going,” Cole told reporters after the game.

Boone, who has always had the support of the Yankees’ front office and general manager Brian Cashman, might be facing a change in luck. The Bombers’ front office in New York has some say over the content broadcast partners air and when it goes against the manager, there is something about to happen. In the end, Michael Kay’s voice is heard all over the country, but he knows the Yankees best. If he is even going after Boone, there is something very wrong with how this team is being led.

Should the Yankees part way with Aaron Bonne?

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