Michael Kay hits Blue Jays’ Schneider with a verbal counterpunch over ‘Fat Boy’ controversy

Michael Kay attacks Blue Jays manager John Schneider over fat shaming the Yankees assistant batting coach.

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Michael Kay too joined the ‘fat-finding’ brigade on Wednesday and fired a verbal salvo at Blue Jays manager John Schneider, who weighs a stocky 250 pounds himself.

During Tuesday night’s 6-3 Yankees victory against Toronto, the Blue Jays manager insulted someone in the Yankees’ dugout by saying “fat boy,” not “frat boy.” Later, speculations became rife that Brad Wilkerson, an assistant hitting coach for the Yankees, was the target of the bullying.

Schneider hollered, “Shut up, fat boy! Shut up!” across the field as the two sides made fun of each other for things like Domingo German’s ejection, a wayward third base coach, and allegation of sign-stealing. The Yankese voice couldn’t stand as a mute spectator.

Michael Kay, went on a fat-finding mission during Wednesday night’s broadcast, speculating that Schneider frequents the Husky section of Jos. A. Bank because of his penchant for Husky breeds.

Michael Kay wondered why Schneider was shouting that across the field and mentioned that Schneider wasn’t exactly Kate Moss, questioning the reason for throwing such words at someone. And just in case you do not know or are without instant access to Google, Kate Moss is a size zero skinny British model who shot to fame in the early 1990s.

Michael Kay
Jeff Skopin/ESPN

Schneider attempted to deflect the fat-shaming accusation on Wednesday by saying he wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. It was, rather, came in the “heat of the moment.”

Wilkerson mentioned shortly before the first pitch on Wednesday that they had been trying to defend their team, and they had no knowledge of it until after the game when they saw the write-ups and noticed it being shown all over TV. They assumed it was directed toward them.

Until Wilkerson was identified, however, anyone in the Yankees dugout with a waist circumference of at least 34 inches was a potential target. But Michael Kay feels Schneider is no less than that size.

Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake told NJ Advance Media that yelling out across the diamond might not be the most appropriate thing to do. He added that, for him, it was all part of the moment and they would overlook it.

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18 thoughts on “Michael Kay hits Blue Jays’ Schneider with a verbal counterpunch over ‘Fat Boy’ controversy

  1. Schneider was rude and should look in the mirror. Before he calls someone fat. The. Blue Jays dugout were all cry babies. They are jealous of the clean cut Yankee player’s

      1. So calling someone fat boy is bullying? Wow, we keep getting more whiny every day that passes. You can’t even argue at sports anymore.m lest you offend someone.

        1. Yes it is bullying, big time, from, grammar school, to high school, bullying runs rampant, especially if your a little different, overweight, not so handsome, etc, and to hear this or see it at a baseball televised game with kids of all ages watching, so not cool, and yes it’s bullying,

    1. “They are jealous of the clean cutYankee player’s”. What a silly comment, but it is funny and deserves a laugh.😄

  2. Michael Kay, who has the fattest head, both anatomically, and in terms of his ego, should just shut up and stay out of this trivial trash talking incident. Have you ever heard anyone in Sports Media more in love with the sound of their own voice?

  3. All I can say is those words fat boy was uncalled for hope he get his job taken away from him shameful on you so sad that the baseball world are looking at this kids are watching baseball all the time this is not a roll model at all so sad cowardly words I’m a Yankees fan and always will be …

      1. A couple years ago that comment may have been relevant, but he is mostly muscle these days. Take a look at a recent picture. He is a big guy, but he is in good shape. Even stole 8 bases last year.

    1. Seriously? Someone should lose their job because he called someone fat in the middle of arguement? Too many cry babies these days.

      I’m willing to bet if someone had a transcript of everything you have said and done in your life they could easily find something to get you canceled too. I love how people expect everyone in the public eye to be perfect when there is no chance they could do it themselves.

    2. Worst incoherent run-on sentence of all time. And for him to be fired over this??? Coming from a fan of the phoniest team in sports, yikes.

  4. Thank you Michael Kay, for saying something about bullying, I was watching the game with my nephew, who is , let’s say a big boy, he watched the game with me , and enjoying it, till all that started, after watching Schneider say that, he took off out of the living room, and went to his room, and said , I have to hear this in school, I sure did not want to hear it on tv watching a Yankee game, he loves the yanks and watching baseball, and from that night did not watch any more games missed the whole series with the reds, I hope he comes back from this a 17 yr, old, was crushed by this, and then I thought ,doesn’t matter what age you are, hearing this talk on tv, about somebody getting bullied especially by a major league coach, so thanks for addressing the issue Michael Kay, I hope he gets over this,mthe loves the game of baseball and the yanks!

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