Yankees nation rallies behind Aaron Judge after Brewers boos, slide firestorm

A relay throw from Brewers shortstop Willy Adames struck Aaron Judge's hand at 2B causing controversy at American Family Field on April 28, 2024.

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The Yankees nation stands united in defending captain Aaron Judge from attacks by the Brewers over his outstretched sliding hand deflected a throw from Willy Adames, preventing a potential inning-ending double play. The controversial play in the sixth inning at American Family Field on Sunday drew the ire of Brewers fans, who rained boos down upon the Yankees slugger.

With Alex Verdugo at the plate, Aaron Judge took off for second on a ground ball. As he slid in with his left hand raised high, Adames fired a missile toward first base. But the shortstop’s throw glanced off the Yankees captain’s glove, allowing Verdugo to reach safely.

Brewers manager Pat Murphy briefly argued the play should have been ruled offensive interference, but the umpires huddled and allowed it to stand. After the game, crew chief Andy Fletcher acknowledged they had missed the call.

“On the field, we got together and did the best that we could to come up with the correct answer,” Fletcher told reporters in an apparent reference to blame Aaron Judge. “After looking at it off the field in replay, it appears that the call was missed. It should’ve been called interference because it wasn’t a natural part of his slide.”

Fletcher added: “It didn’t appear that way to us. We did everything we could to get together and get it right. But after looking at it, it appears that it should’ve been called interference.” 

Murphy didn’t ascribe intent to Aaron Judge, saying “But I think he was trying to purposely obstruct. It’s my opinion. I don’t know what his intent was. He seems like a wonderful man, but very competitive also. So there might’ve been a chance.”

For his part, Aaron Judge downplayed any controversy. “It shocked me when it hit me there,” he said of Adames’ throw deflecting off his hand. “I was kind of worried I broke my finger or something like that.”

The play proved pivotal, allowing the Yankees to extend the inning before erupting for seven runs to blow it open against Milwaukee’s bullpen.

“You can look back at any picture you want of me sliding into second base; that’s always happened,” he said. “I really don’t know. I feel like there was plenty of time [for Adames] to go around. I’m just doing my job sliding into the base.”

According to Adames: “He’s like seven feet tall. He’s huge. I feel like with his hands up, he’s taller than me — even when he’s sliding to second base. So it’s a tough space for me to throw the ball.”

Yankees' Aaron Judge slides into second base as Brewers' Adam throws to the first base. The throw deflected after hitting Judge's hand. American Family Field, April 28, 2024.

Yankees fans vehemently defend Aaron Judge

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