Jose Trevino tops MLB in framing runs, credits Judge’s friendship for success with Yankees

Amanda Paula
Monday May 6, 2024

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During a rare break in the New York Yankees’ busy MLB schedule, shortstop Jose Trevino took the opportunity to sit down with MLB Network, the official television show of Major League Baseball, to discuss his role on the team and share insights into his remarkable ability to lead in framing runs since 2022.

“The biggest thing for me is presenting a good target for your pitcher. So I want to see where I want him to throw the ball, and after that, I’m assuming that whatever you make a connection with the glove, and then as soon as you’re able to deliver the pitch, my glove will disappear, but you know exactly where you want it. I just want to stay below the baseball as long as I can.”

Jose Trevino credits Judge’s friendship

Beyond his on-field prowess, Jose Trevino reflected on the profound impact fellow Yankee Aaron Judge has had on his life. Their bond extends beyond baseball, delving into personal matters and providing invaluable support. Trevino attributes much of his growth to Judge’s welcoming demeanor and genuine friendship.

A closer look at Jose Trevino’s stats

Jose Trevino, player of the new york yankees

Jose Trevino’s dominance on the field is undeniable. Since 2022, he has consistently outperformed his peers, topping the framing runs leaderboard with an impressive 24 runs over 1,401 innings. His closest competitor, Jonah Heim, trails behind with 23 runs over 2,133 innings, highlighting Trevino’s unparalleled skill.

Looking back to the conclusion of the 2023 season, Jose Trevino faced adversity with a right wrist injury that necessitated surgery, prematurely ending his campaign. However, his determination and passion for the game propelled him to a triumphant return in 2024.

“It’s amazing,” Trevino expressed to the NY Daily News. “You don’t realize how much you love and miss something until it’s taken away from you, and you can’t do it anymore.”

Now entering his third season with the Yankees, the Texas native boasts a batting average of .283, accompanied by two home runs and 11 RBIs in just 60 at-bats. His recent streak of 11 consecutive starts with at least one hit, including four multi-hit games, underscores his offensive consistency.

Jose Trevino’s offensive contributions complement his renowned defensive prowess, evident in his exceptional fielding and top-tier pitch framing. These attributes have solidified his role as an indispensable asset to the Yankees’ pitching staff, which currently ranks third in the MLB with a stellar 2.99 ERA.

Manager Aaron Boone emphasized Jose Trevino’s leadership and invaluable contributions to the team dynamic. Despite facing adversity with his wrist injury, Trevino’s resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence have endeared him to teammates and coaches alike.

As Trevino continues to shine on the field, his resilience and determination serve as inspiration, propelling the Yankees towards another successful season. With his injuries behind him and his sights set on victory, Trevino stands ready to make his mark on the MLB stage once again.

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