Ex-Yankee Joey Gallo ‘doesn’t know’ why Mets fans booed him at Citi


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Former Yankee left-fielder and now Los Angeles Dodgers star Joey Gallo did not expect booing by the New York Mets’ fans, the cross-city rivals of his former team. He even didn’t know why he got such hostile reception at Citi Field.

Gallo is aware of the fact that his fan base in the Bronx, the home turf of the Yankees, is not the most significant after his lackluster performance there ended with a trade to the Dodgers.

However, the former New York outfielder was taken aback when he heard boos coming from the crowd at the home of the Mets, who are happy to see the Yankees losing players.

This response left the player completely bewildered. This is what he said when he spoke to the Los Angeles Times:

“I mean, I didn’t even play for the Mets, so I don’t know why the … they’re booing me,” Gallo said. “I don’t know. Yeah, New York. They boo a lot of people, though.”

Gallo hit three home runs in his first 14 at-bats with the Dodgers, which was a good sign for a change. But since then, he’s been in a 0-16 slump. But, whether Gallo has anything to do with it or not, the Dodgers have had a significant amount of success than the Yankees since the trade deadline. In August, the Dodgers were 22-6 and the Yankees were 10-18.

During a recent interview, Gallo credited his turnaround in Los Angeles to the laid-back and just-baseball philosophy of the Dodgers.

He played for the Yankees this season and appeared in 82 games. He hit 12 home runs but struck out 106 times.

Gallo was sold to the Los Angeles Dodgers before the trade deadline on August 2, in exchange for the minor-league pitcher Clayton Beeter. The left-fielder had a difficult time while playing for the New York Yankees.

He continues to be regular in the Dodgers’ starting lineup since his arrival and has performed well to justify the selection.

On the other hand, the Yankees are struggling with their worst monthly performance since 1991 and an increased list of injured players.

Do you agree with Mets fans’ booing of the former Yankee Joey Gallo? Did the Yankees commit a grave mistake by trading Gallo? Let fans know what you think.

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