Insider claim: Mets keen to acquire Donaldson if Yankees add Hamilton to the deal

Mets' GM Billy Eppler is with Yankees GM Brian Cashman when he was in the Bronx.

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The New York Mets are open to acquiring a struggling Yankees veteran but press to add a key bullpen arm, reported Andy Martino of SNY. The veteran in question is Josh Donaldson and the pitcher the cross-town rivals want is Ian Hamilton.

Martino claims that the Mets need bullpen help but are not willing to trade any of their top prospects at the trade deadline. Yet, instead of offering top-tier players, the team is open to acquiring another team’s expensive contract, which would allow that team to allocate its funds elsewhere, only if they can avail a good bullpen arm.

The Mets insider raised an intriguing idea about the Yankees’ approach at the trade deadline. According to Martino, the Yankees may not be looking to sell players, but they could potentially consider trading Josh Donaldson, who is owed a $21 million salary this year. However, he feels that the Yankees will be open to explore the possibility and even let a power arm like Ian Hamilton go to free up the remaining salary owed to Donaldson. This move could help the Yankees stay under the luxury tax threshold and provide flexibility for other trade opportunities.

“The Yankees are not going to be sellers, of course, but they owe Donaldson what remains of his $21 million salary this year. Would they be willing to sacrifice a controllable power arm like Ian Hamilton in order to free up the Donaldson money for the trade deadline and remain under the luxury tax threshold? It’s an intriguing idea.

If the Mets traded for Donaldson, they would presumably cut him rather than add him. Not so for Stanton, who could be their DH. Everyone in the Yankees organization, from the front office to the clubhouse, loves Stanton — but what if Steve Cohen offers the Yanks a way out of the $118 million owed to him from 2024-27?

That would be worth even more than Hamilton — but unlike the more plausible Donaldson idea, the Stanton concept is probably far closer to talk radio fodder than reality.”

The Mets insider went on to write that in the event of the Mets acquiring Donaldson, their intention would likely be to release him rather than include him on their roster. However, the situation differs for Giancarlo Stanton, as he could potentially serve as their designated hitter. Stanton is highly regarded within the Yankees organization, receiving appreciation from both the front office and the clubhouse.

But there is likely to be a consideration if Steve Cohen presents the Yankees with an opportunity to alleviate themselves from the financial commitment of $118 million owed to Stanton for the years 2024–2027.

Going further, The Mets insider added that the concept of acquiring Stanton and his potential value would surpass that of Hamilton. But unlike the relatively realistic idea involving Donaldson, the notion of Stanton being traded is likely to be more of a topic discussed on talk radio than a genuine possibility.


Will there be a Yankees-Mets trade?

The optimal outcome for the Yankees in a trade involving infielder Josh Donaldson would be to find a team willing to take on the remaining portion of his significant salary. However, the challenge arises when trying to combine Donaldson with a valuable bullpen asset.

Although facing multiple injuries that have sidelined key players throughout the season, the Yankees have managed to maintain one of the most highly regarded bullpens in the league. Among their standout performers is Ian Hamilton, a 28-year-old pitcher who has demonstrated exceptional skills. 

Yankees closer Ian Hamilton has his first career save against the Rays on May 6, 2023 at Tropicana Field.

With 12.27 strikeouts per nine innings (K/9) ratio, an 87.5% left-on-base rate, a 57.1% ground ball rate, and a 0.0% home run to fly ball (HR/FB) ratio, Hamilton has amassed an impressive 1.23 ERA over 22 innings this season.

Might the Yankees consider trading a controllable power pitcher like Ian Hamilton to free up funds designated for Donaldson’s contract and remain below the luxury tax threshold by the trade deadline?

Regrettably, Donaldson has struggled throughout the season, maintaining a low batting average of.127 and an on-base percentage of.200. In his 20 games played, he has hit only six home runs and driven in eight runs. 

With a WAR of 0.0 and a wRC+ of 62, the experienced infielder has been more of a hindrance than a benefit to the Yankees. Consequently, he is currently occupying a roster spot that could be better utilized by a more productive player, like Oswald Peraza.

If a potential trade emerges that would enable the Yankees to move Donaldson, it would be a challenging offer to turn down, even if it requires parting ways with one of their bullpen pitchers. Given that Donaldson’s regular starting position has become a significant barrier for other players who could contribute more effectively, the roster spot he currently holds is of great importance.

Since the Mets have already exceeded the third luxury tax threshold, they are not worried about any additional tax implications. Therefore, acquiring Donaldson’s contract would simply contribute to their already long list of costly financial obligations.

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21 thoughts on “Insider claim: Mets keen to acquire Donaldson if Yankees add Hamilton to the deal

  1. That’s whole package trade with Donaldson and the other two . That came with him should be in the trash can . An take Cashman and Boone put them in the trash with. Hal all he care about is the money. He talking about y fans not showing up. Look what yall 3 have given us broken dreams as fans. Y there pockets get fat

    1. You want to put them in the trash ? What do you do for a living ? How would you like it if people wanted to throw you in the trash ? Man, there ar
      too many haters in this world. Get a grip man

    2. I totally agree Crashman Boone Both need Hal Boot. Bring back Garidi or Get Mattingly. The GM Suxs broom can’t coach prove that with pitchers just recently German 10run fiasco. We trade a lot of guys just going through the. Motions Staton got to strike out down pat Donaldson can’t hit a Beachball

      1. Also German can go. Find good enough Pitcher or bring up prospect and use him not let him sit Crashman can’t GM Broom can’t coach say start at the top. Work are way down bring back Gardi or Get Mattigly

      2. Also German can go. Find a good enough Pitcher or bring up the prospect and use him not let him sit Crashman can’t GM Broom can’t coach say start at the top. Work is way down bring back Gardi or Get Mattingly Broome has no emotions only at umpires. Cuddles the team of overpaid Babies

    3. Find a way to pull off a trade with LA Dodgers for Stanton. And drop the upper Trash and show your Dad Gift. You got money up the ying yang. Use it more money will come half season almost of see what ten game winning streak will do.

      1. I don’t get why The Yanks love Stanton?! Never liked it from day 1. Guy is injury prone Ks way to much. He isn’t worth wasting a roster spot. If we aren’t making a significant run in the postseason trade all the deadwood bring up Dominguez and Peraza let’s see what we got

  2. How much will we have to pay the Mets (beyond Donaldson’s $21 million salary) to get Donaldson out of the Yankee locker room?
    The Yankee faithful could start a Gofundme page.

  3. Pure speculation as this will never happen. The Yanks keep trading for and signing guys when they should be giving more of their prospects (especially outfielders) a chance. Also pitchers break down because they are not given enough work, not too much! Paying guys $40 million to play 180 innings is ridiculous!

  4. yankees need more than that. a new manager , pitching. boone decisions are questionable costcs lot of games

  5. The Yankees would have to entertain this idea. It eliminates the glut in the infield while also freeing space for the deadline. Don’t forget that JD has a 6 million buyout for next year. Hamilton has been a great story but the Yankees are going to have a numbers problem in the bullpen in August with the return of Loisaga and Rodon.

  6. Do it ! Stanton loves Hitting at Citi Field! And Donaldson is finished as a player. He’s lost it. MVP status was yrs ago. Hamilton is what The Mets need. Yanks have a Strong Pen. Dump the Funds! When was the the last time the Mets made a trade that actually worked????

  7. If the Mets have told Yanks they will take JD this shld have already happened before the Mets said nah just toking

  8. U know what if the Mets r willing to take JD so be it I am 1 Yankee fan that is dying to c JD gone he sucks that is 1 of many stupid trades that Cashman has made Gio Urshella was a very good defensive 3rd basemen I also think that the Yankees need to send down Volpe I mean what does it have to take for Cashman to send him down he sucks at SS he sucks with the bat he can’t even hit 200 what in the hell is Cashman waiting to call up Peraza who is killing it down in the minors and he is a way better defensive player than Volpe will ever be the funny thing is that they never gave Florial a long opportunity like they r giving Volpe and what they send him down no more than a week later come on dumb Cashman wake up.

    1. You have a short memory. Or else you don`t read well. Peraza was killing it 6 weeks ago in the minors. They brought him up, and he did worse than Volpe. Man, you all just like ripping people apart. Get a grip man.

    1. I hate Donaldson but he actually rates out as a better defensive 3rd Baseman than Urshela. People need to know facts before verbally puking on boards like these

  9. The Yankees always talk about team control of a player. Then explain the trade of 3 Yankee AAA pitcher’s with team control. If another club wants them, then they should be pitching for the Yankees. But, in return we get damage goods. Once you hear a pitcher has shoulder or problems. Stay away!!!! Yankees talk about the luxury tax but took on million dollars contracts. When you had team control of 3 minor league pitcher’s that you invested in. So what was the return on the investment of these players. NOTHING!!!!

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