How far is Aaron Judge from “most-revered” Yankees, MLB’s big hitters?

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Michael Bennington
Tuesday September 6, 2022

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Aaron Judge has already 54 home runs and the Yankees’ star is on his way to a new record this season. He has put to all questions over the contract saga that erupted at the start of the season and now looks to command a much bigger price. Let’s have a look at his home run pace and how it unfolds for him.

Judge is on track to hit 65 homers this year. That’s a home run every 2.5 games for the Yankees’ last 27 games. The pace at which he hits home runs put him in the league of Maris and Ruth hit 61 and 60 homers, respectively.

In the history of Major League Baseball, it would be the fifth season with at least 65 home runs. There have been eight sessions that saw a minimum of 60.

Aaron Judge and Yankees Record

With 65 homers, Aaron could become the greatest New York player with the most home runs the Yankees have ever scored in a single season. The 61 runs batted in by Roger Maris in 1961 remain an American League record to date.

Maris hit 53 home runs in the Yankees’ first 135 games in 1961, which is the same number as the team’s current total. It happened about once every 2.5 team games. He hit eight home runs in the team’s last 28 games, even though they had already played 163 games. It happens about once every 3.5 team games.

Most single-season, home runs in Yankees’ history:
Player Year Home Runs
Roger Maris 1961 61
Babe Ruth 1927 60
Babe Ruth 1921 59

So far this year, Judge has hit six home runs in April (in 20 games), 12 in May (in 27 games), 11 in June (in 28 games), 13 in July (in 25 games), nine in August (in 27 games), and three so far in September (four games).

Maris hit one home run in April (he played in 15 games), 11 in May (he played in 26 games), 15 in June (he played in 32 games), 13 in July (he played in 28 games), 11 in August (he played in 31 games), 9 in September (he played in 28 games), and one in October (he played in one game).

Ruth hit four home runs in 15 April games, 12 in 28 May games, 9 in 23 June games, 9 in 31 July games, 9 in 26 August games, 17 in 27 September games, and none in one October game.

Judge and the Major League Record

San Francisco’s Barry Bonds leads major league baseball in home runs. He hit 73 homes during the Giants 2001 campaign.

Hank Greenberg in 1938 and Jimmie Foxx in 1932 each set the record for most home runs hit by a right-handed batter in the American League in a single season with 58.

Player Team Year Total Home Runs
Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants 2001 73
Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals 1998 70
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 1998 66
Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals 1999 65
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 2001 64
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 1999 63
Roger Maris New York Yankees 1961 61
Babe Ruth New York Yankees 1927 60


Is Judge in the Elite League?

Ruth hit 49 home runs in the first 135 games the Yankees played in 1927. That means that every 2.8 team games, he made one home run. He hit 11 more home runs over the rest of the season, which was 154 games plus a makeup game because of a tie, for a total of 20 team games. Down the stretch, that was a rate of one home run every 1.

8 team games.

Let’s find out where Aaron Judge stands after 135 games.

Player Team Season Home Runs After 135 Games Total Home Runs
Barry Bonds Giants 2001 57 73
Mark McGwire Cardinals 1998 54 70
Sammy Sosa Cubs 1998 53 66
Aaron Judge Yankees 2022 54 65 expected
Mark McGwire Cardinals 1999 52 65
Sammy Sosa Cubs 2001 53 64
Sammy Sosa Cubs 1999 57 63
Roger Maris Yankees 1961 53 61
Babe Ruth Yankees 1927 49 60

Where do you see Aaron Judge among the 60+ home run hitters? Is he ready to become in the league of Babe Ruth?

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