Harrison Bader Looks Forward to a New Chapter With the New York Yankees


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The Gold Glove center fielder, signed from the Cardinals for Jordan Montgomery before Tuesday’s trade deadline, will be taking another attempt to cure plantar fasciitis in his right foot. According to Brian Cashman, the Bronxville native will be unavailable until September, but the Yankees believe it was a worthwhile trade.

Bader claims his doctors “tried everything except nothing” to treat his plantar fasciitis, which is why he’s in a boot and resting right now. But he’s optimistic that he’ll be able to play this season if he follows the rehab protocol.

Bader has been dealing with a foot problem since the beginning of the season, even though he has batted in 72 games. According to FanGraphs, 256 with a .673 OPS, 15 steals, and Saved -2 Defensive Runs in center field.

When he’s fully recovered, the Yankees believe he’ll be one of the game’s best defensive center fielders.

Bader grew up a Yankees fan and had his long blonde hair cut off at 8 a.m. Wednesday following team policy. In 2004, He was there when Derek Jeter ran into the stands against Red Sox, and his parents were there when Aaron Boone strike the game-winning home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

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