‘Total player’ Harrison Bader debuts for Yankees on Tuesday

Inna Zeyger
Friday September 16, 2022

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Since his arrival in New York on a deadline deal, fans are waiting to see Harrison Bader in action. It is going to be over, as the central fielder is ready to make his first appearance for the Yankees on Tuesday.

According to The Athletic, the long, winding road is over for Bader to play his first game for the Yankees may finally be coming to an end. The player New York got in trade has plantar fasciitis in his right foot, which had kept him off the field and made Yankees fans a little bit nervous.

In exchange for pitcher Jordan Montgomery, New York got Bader, even though they knew it would be a while before the former Gold-Glover could play.

While the award-winning defender of the 20121 seasons has been out, Montgomery has been a great pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, giving the impression that the trade was fair.

Nicknamed “Tots,” he has been working on getting better at Double-A Somerset. He has gone 3-for-11 and hit a home run in three games, and he hasn’t said anything bad about the deal.

When asked about the trade noise, Harrison defended it and cited his all-around capabilities to boost the ranks in pinstripes. He was quoted saying:

“Is that what they’re saying? I haven’t seen that. Stuff like that is not going to help my rehab go any faster. And in a time when you’re trying to get back, as much as it is physical, there is an element to the subconscious. It’s a career. It’s important. I’m not taking my time, not going slowly by any means. We’re going to do it right.”

The Yankees signed Bader because of how good he is at defense in the outfield. This couldn’t have come at a better time, since New York’s defense has been getting worse. Andrew Benintendi has been out with a wrist injury, and it’s possible that he won’t play again this season. But with Harrison in the team, they have the best replacement.

Aaron Hicks also had a lot of trouble and would probably be taken out of the lineup when Harrison comes back.

Defending his arrival in New York, Bader said:

“I’m going out there to be a total player. Not that I needed it by any means, but being traded puts a lot into perspective for you. It lights a lot of fires. It definitely lit something under me. Having the ability to control your own narrative in a new place is something I just cannot be more excited about.”

What is your opinion about Harrison Bader? Do you agree that he is a total player?

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