2023 hard lessons set to pay off for ‘exposed’ Everson Pereira, claims expert

Everson Pereira of the New York Yankees
Esteban Quiñones
Tuesday February 13, 2024

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Everson Pereira’s introduction to the major leagues was anything but a smooth transition. After a stellar performance with Double-A Somerset and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pereira’s leap to the Yankees late in the 2023 season was met with significant challenges. Thrust into the spotlight earlier than anticipated due to injuries among the team’s star bats, Pereira’s rookie year was a trial by fire. Yet, within these struggles lies a silver lining that experts believe will set the stage for a significant turnaround.

A challenging debut turned learning opportunity for Everson Pereira

Yankees hitting coordinator Joe Migliaccio’s reflection on Pereira’s debut season brings a perspective of optimism and foresight. Despite Everson Pereira’s struggles at the plate, Migliaccio sees an invaluable learning experience. “Sometimes you need to get exposed before you can make that enhancement,” he remarked, highlighting the unexpected opportunity for growth that Pereira encountered. This exposure, while daunting, provided Pereira with firsthand experience against the elite pitching of the majors, an encounter that, though harsh, is deemed crucial for his development.

Pereira’s statistics from his debut season paint a picture of the challenges he faced, with a batting average of .151 and a 38.8 percent strikeout rate over 27 games. Under normal circumstances, such performance might have led to a demotion. However, the Yankees’ position outside the playoff contention allowed for continued playtime for Pereira, providing him with a rare chance to adjust and learn at the highest level. “Having that big-league playing time and experience is going to do so much for him going into this next year,” Migliaccio added, emphasizing the long-term benefits of facing such challenges early in one’s career.

Despite struggles, numbers in Pereira’s favors

While Pereira’s early days in the majors were marked by difficulty, there were glimpses of the potential that made him a top prospect for the Yankees. Notably, Pereira ranked second highest among rookies in exit velocity, a statistic that underscores his ability to impact the ball with significant power. This raw talent, combined with the experience gained from his initial exposure to major league pitching, sets a foundation for Pereira to build upon.

Yankees prospect Everson Pereira with fans at PNC Park on July 31, 2023.

The road ahead for Everson Pereira is one of adjustment and growth. With the insights gained from a challenging debut and the support of the Yankees’ coaching staff, Pereira is poised to harness his potential fully. As he prepares for the upcoming season, the lessons of 2023 are set to transform from hurdles into stepping stones, paving the way for a promising future in the majors.

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