Gerrit Cole delivers a good performance in the all-star game, but fans are left disappointed

Gerrit Cole prior to his debut at the all-star game, July 11, 2023.

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Gerrit Cole, one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball, performed remarkably during the All-Star Game, facing off against formidable hitters like Ronald Acuña Jr., Freddie Freeman, and Mookie Betts. In his one inning of work, Cole displayed his exceptional skill and demonstrated why he is considered one of the best pitchers in the game.

During his All-Star Game appearance, Cole delivered a perfect inning, retiring all three batters he faced without allowing a hit, an earned run, or a walk. He showed excellent control and command of his pitches, notching a quick and efficient nine-pitch inning. Though he didn’t strike out any of the batters, Cole induced solid contact resulting in three outs, suggesting the opposing hitters made good swings but could not find the gaps.

Gerrit Cole gives his insights on his performance

Gerrit Cole during the All-Star Games, on July 11, 2023.
New York Yankees

Reflecting on his performance after the game, Cole expressed satisfaction with the outcome. He acknowledged the quality of the opposing hitters’ swings, emphasizing that they were able to put the ball in play.

“I think it worked out great. They got good swings and they got out in 9 pitches and we played some great D. Pretty cool first inning.”

Furthermore, he praised his defensive teammates for making the necessary plays, contributing to the successful inning.

“It was great. A lot of adrenaline for a bullpen day. That was a pretty fun experience.” Cole’s positive attitude and appreciation for the experience of pitching in the All-Star Game were evident in his remarks.

Fans are left disappointed

After the game, many Yankees fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Gerrit Cole’s limited time on the pitch. Several fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints.

While it may have been disappointing for fans to see Cole removed from the game after just one inning, it’s important to note that managing pitchers’ workloads is a priority during exhibition games like the All-Star Game.

Gerrit Cole, the pitcher of the New York Yankees

Moreover, coaches and team staff typically aim to preserve their players’ health and prevent unnecessary strain, particularly for pitchers who have demanding roles within their respective teams.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for pitchers to have shorter outings in such events, even if they are performing exceptionally well.

Gerrit Cole during the All-Star games 2023, on July 11.
New York Yankees

Gerrit Cole’s participation in the All-Star Game served as a testament to his skill, and his success during his brief appearance only solidified his reputation as a top-tier pitcher. Fans and teammates alike can take pride in his impressive performance and look forward to seeing him continue to dominate the mound throughout the regular season and beyond

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