Former Yankees star at the center of rumored shake-up in MLB

The legend of the new york yankees, Derek Jeter speaks during a ceremony honoring his Hall of Fame induction in 2022.

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The New York Yankees‘ legend, Derek Jeter, is rumored to be involved in a significant development in the world of baseball that made headlines. Kim Ng, the first female and first Asian-American general manager in Major League Baseball history, decided to depart from her role with the Miami Marlins. Her departure raised intriguing questions, with many speculating that the Yankees’ great Derek Jeter might have played a pivotal role in her choice.

What happened?

Kim Ng as GM of the Miami Marlins

Kim Ng’s journey in the world of baseball management was nothing short of remarkable. Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings, she carved her path as a highly-respected figure in the sport. Her pioneering role opened doors for future generations of women and Asian-Americans in baseball, offering a shining example of what could be achieved through talent, determination, and a relentless passion for the game.

However, the circumstances surrounding her departure from the Marlins bore a striking resemblance to those that led Derek Jeter, the renowned Yankees player and CEO, to exit from his role with the team a year prior. Both cases hinged on issues with ownership, specifically Bruce Sherman, who was the owner of the Marlins. When Kim Ng balked at her option to continue with the Marlins, her statements closely mirrored the sentiments expressed by Jeter. Both found themselves at odds with the direction the organizations were taking under the ownership of Sherman, and both decided to part ways.

The legend of the new york yankees, Derek Jete

One can’t help but connect the dots between these two high-profile departures. It’s plausible that Kim Ng might have sought counsel from Derek Jeter, given their shared history and the significance of their roles in baseball history. The Los Angeles Times and other credible outlets reported that Sherman had intentions to hire a president of baseball operations over Ng. She consulted with trusted colleagues before ultimately choosing not to renew her contract, and it’s reasonable to assume that Jeter was one of those trusted voices.

If the reports are indeed accurate, Sherman’s decision to bring in a president of baseball operations was perceived by many as an undermining move, especially considering that the Marlins had experienced their most successful season in two decades under Ng’s leadership. Ng had made astute moves, such as acquiring players like Josh Bell and Jake Burger, which played a pivotal role in the Marlins’ surprise playoff appearance.

A Yankees connection

Kim Ng and the general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

Kim Ng’s ties to the Yankees run deep. She had previously served as an assistant general manager for the Yankees from 1998 to 2000, a time when Derek Jeter and his teammates were in the midst of their remarkable World Series championship runs. Her expertise and experience in the world of baseball management made her a standout candidate when Jeter, as part owner and CEO, made the historic decision to bring her on board in November 2020.

As Ng embarked on her journey with the Marlins, she carried the weight of history on her shoulders. Her pioneering role was not only a tremendous responsibility but also a source of inspiration for countless individuals looking to make their mark in the sport. Her dedication to the game and her determination to excel were evident in her approach to every aspect of her role.

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4 thoughts on “Former Yankees star at the center of rumored shake-up in MLB

  1. This woman knows her baseball. She was assistant GM during the great Yankees years from 1998 thru 2000. The Yankees were the best team in baseball at that time. Bring her in as President of Baseball Operations and give her supervision of Cashman. If she says no to a Cashman idea then the answer is NO. Cashman has been there too long. He needs to go!

  2. I agree the Yanks need a change at the top. Cashman has been there too long with too little to show for it. So maybe try and bring Ng in and provide her with resources that have been squandered of late.

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