Ex-Yankees bust back in Bronx after serving MLB ban over substance abuse

Ex-Yankees player Derek Dietrich is in charge of player development in Tampa.

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A familiar sight greeted fans at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium on Monday during pregame warm-ups. Derek Dietrich, Yankees cap pulled low, leaned over the backstop behind home plate, signing autographs for a group of eager fans.

For those who frequented Marlins spring training in Jupiter during the early-to-late 2010s, the scene might have triggered a sense of deja vu. Dietrich, now 34, spent six springs there as a player, his characteristically muscular physique still evident in the South Florida twilight. A snug athletic T-shirt revealed his well-defined muscles, a gleaming thick chain adding a touch of personal style.

However, this time around, Dietrich’s role with the Yankees was different. Nearly two years after a 50-game suspension for a banned substance derailed his major league aspirations, he’s found a new path within the organization. Dietrich has transitioned into an advisory role within the Yankees’ player development system, leveraging his experience to guide the next generation of young players.

Dietrich explained to NJ Advance Media on Monday that his role within the organization was that of a culture and accountability coordinator. He emphasized that the Yankees had highly skilled experts in every facet of their organization and that he aimed to assist players by facilitating communication and leveraging his on-field and off-field experience to bridge any gaps.

Derek Dietrich brings a wealth of knowledge in new Yankees role

With over six years of Major League Baseball experience dating back to 2013, Derek Dietrich brings a wealth of knowledge to his new role. His career encompasses not only 1,343 games in the big leagues but also nearly a decade spent honing his skills in the minor leagues.

This extensive background positions Dietrich perfectly for his current responsibilities. He works with hitters in the batting cage, sharing his insights and experience. His own positional versatility throughout his playing career allows him to contribute to the defensive development of younger players. Furthermore, Dietrich’s passion for weight training and sports performance translates into practical guidance for these athletes, helping them optimize their physical conditioning for peak performance on the field.


Throughout the season, Derek Dietrich will be a familiar face in multiple locations. He’ll split his time between working with players in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium, offering guidance at various minor league affiliates, and contributing to the player development complex in Tampa. This approach leverages his unique perspective – Dietrich spent two seasons himself within the Yankees’ minor league system as a player.

This firsthand experience grants him a deep understanding of the organization’s inner workings and the challenges faced by young athletes. He’s witnessed the evolution of the game firsthand, from traditional methods to the data-driven approach of modern analytics. Dietrich is committed to incorporating both perspectives into his coaching style.

His new title, “advisor,” reflects his focus on fostering personal accountability within the players he guides. He views his own suspension as a valuable learning experience, a “blessing in disguise” that offers him the opportunity to educate others and prevent similar mistakes. By sharing his experiences, both positive and negative, Dietrich hopes to make a positive impact on the next generation of Yankees.

Dietrich explained that he had taken a pre-workout supplement containing a stimulant that resulted in a positive test. He clarified that the substance wasn’t meant to enhance performance but was simply a stimulant. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that it was a mistake on his part.

Dietrich expressed his perspective, stating that he prefers being the individual who makes the mistake so he can now advise others. He emphasized his extensive experience in the game, spanning 15 years, during which he never encountered such an incident. However, he acknowledged the possibility of mistakes occurring and hopes to convey this message to prevent others from repeating similar errors.

Supporters are drawn to the southpaw’s image of celebrating home runs and flaunting bicep curls, but insiders at the Yankees recognize him as a valuable teacher and a source of positivity in the clubhouse. According to one Yankees coordinator who communicated with NJ Advance Media via text on Monday, Dietrich has shown an aptitude for “precise and efficient communication,” making him a “superb addition.”

Volpe admires Dietrich’s leadership despite dark past

Yankees shortstop prospect Anthony Volpe couldn’t hide his enthusiasm when discussing Derek Dietrich in the clubhouse after Monday’s 3-2 win over the Marlins.

Their paths crossed briefly in 2022 when Dietrich played for Double-A Somerset. By the time Volpe earned his promotion to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre later that year, Dietrich’s suspension had already begun. However, Volpe’s memories of Dietrich extend beyond their on-field interaction.

Volpe was particularly impressed by how Dietrich remained engaged with his teammates despite his personal situation. Rather than isolating himself, Dietrich continued to be a positive presence, fostering team bonding through activities like organizing dinners. He also offered valuable advice on navigating the challenges and adjustments that come with playing at the major league level. This leadership, displayed even during his suspension, clearly left a lasting impression on Volpe.

The shortstop stated that Dietrich played a significant role in the success of the players on minor teams. He specifically mentioned that Dietrich spent only two weeks in Somerset but left a lasting impact. Additionally, in Triple-A, despite not being able to play, Dietrich remained at the heart of the clubhouse, working tirelessly like everyone else.

According to Volpe, there is an immense certainty that Dietrich will excel in his new role.

Dietrich believes in Yankees can win championship


Derek Dietrich isn’t shy about his confidence in the Yankees‘ chances this season. With a wide smile, he declared, “There’s no question about it” – the team has what it takes to win a World Series. While his own playing career never reached the postseason stage, Dietrich remains laser-focused on championship glory, and that mentality translates perfectly to his new role.

This desire to win extends to his message for fans. Even though Dietrich’s playing days are behind him, his passion for the game burns brightly. He’s eager to contribute in this new capacity, determined to make the most of this exciting opportunity and help the Yankees reach the ultimate goal.

Dietrich mentioned that he doesn’t view himself as retired; rather, he sees it as a transition in positions. He expressed his continued presence on the field but in a different role. Dietrich conveyed his enjoyment of life every day, expressing eagerness and hunger to be on the field with his teammates and contribute to their success. He emphasizes that New York Yankees fans deserve a World Series victory and feels fortunate to be a part of the team during what he perceives as a promising period with their roster. He expressed optimism for the upcoming year.

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