Ex-Mets GM calling Yankees third-place team bares lingering envy

Michael Bennington
Saturday January 20, 2024

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The New York Yankees’ bold offseason move to acquire superstar slugger Juan Soto has sent shockwaves throughout Major League Baseball. Despite skeptics like former GM Jim Duquette predicting a third-place finish in the AL East, the Bombers seem poised to reshape that narrative.

“I think they’re (a) third third place team in the American (League East). That’s not good enough for the Yankees right now.”

Certainly, uncertainties persist. However, dismissing the team as only a contender for the bronze medal underplays the transformative impact of Soto’s formidable bat. In an AL East where the Orioles haven’t strengthened their rotation, the Blue Jays face challenges in free agency, the Red Sox are on the decline, and the Rays confront the possibility of key player departures, the Yankees emerge as the most assertive team.

Soto doesn’t carry the burden alone. Strategic acquisitions such as Marcus Stroman and the potential return of a healthy Carlos Rodon hold the promise of shoring up the pitching staff that struggled in 2023. In a division where pitching prowess is paramount, this enhanced arsenal propels the Yankees back into the conversation.

Duquette’s skepticism serves as fuel for the Yankees’ determination. Coming off a historically forgettable season, the pressure is undeniably on. Yet, armed with a revamped roster and a newfound confidence, the Bronx Bombers are eager to prove their detractors wrong. This quest extends beyond winning the AL East; it’s about quelling the naysayers and restoring the aura of Yankee Stadium as a stage for World Series glory.

Yankees fanbase strikes back

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