ESPN’s curious choice to broadcast the Yankees game amidst recent losses

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Why does ESPN continue to broadcast the New York Yankees and the Red Sox games, even without Aaron Judge? The reason behind this is purely business as usual. With four losses in the last four matches, the Yankees still enchant the attention of major sports channels.

Despite the absence of Aaron Judge, who is currently on the injured list due to a sprained big toe, ESPN continues to show Yankees games. While the recent losses against the Red Sox may have disheartened the New York Yankees fanbase, the broadcasting giant understands the importance of airing these matchups.

The Money Ball

Aaron Judge is a crucial player for the Yankees and is expected to be selected for the all-star team. However, ESPN’s decision to continue broadcasting Yankees games is not solely based on Judge’s presence or absence. It boils down to business.

In late 2022, the Yankees vs. Red Sox games stood as the most-watched baseball matchups in the world. As it may, these games lured over two million viewers, an impressive number for regular season games. The rivalry between the two teams has consistently drawn large audiences, with an average of 1.9 million viewers in the last three years, surpassing any other matchup by 30%, as reported by the NY Post.

Additionally, due to the new MLB scheduling rules, the Yankees now have faced their biggest rivals only 13 times, a decrease from the previous seasons’ 19 meetings. This scarcity factor contributes to an increase in market demand.

In the sports business, rendering revenue is paramount. For ESPN, broadcasting these Yankees games is crucial because they consistently draw a significant audience. Despite the Yankees’ recent struggles and Judge’s absence, the allure of the historic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry ensures a substantial viewership, making it a profitable endeavor for the network.

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