Dumping Eovaldi to sign Rondon is Yankees’ costliest mistake in 2023

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon and Rangers; starter Nathan Eovaldi
Michael Bennington
Monday October 16, 2023

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The 2023 Yankees season is replete with stark and pervasive examples of how their front office played truant in the name of team building. One of those that stood out among many erroneous decisions is the signing of Carlos Rodon, who betrayed all expectations to emerge as the Yankees’ biggest failure. While his signing dashed all hopes, it became more painful for fans to see his alternative option Nathan Eovaldi flourishing in both regular and postseason games.

Prior to finalizing the deal with Rodon, the Bombers were engaged in discussions with Eovaldi, who ultimately signed with the Texas Rangers. Eovaldi, a former Yankees player who later became a thorn in their side as a member of the Red Sox, recognized that negotiations were no longer viable once New York secured Rodon.

Yankees regrettable mistake

“Rodon remains the Yankees’ top priority despite the gap,” Jon Heyman of the Post wrote in December 2022. “And the sides are expected to work on potential compromises over the next few days. The team believes Rodon wants to come to New York, but if they can’t bridge their difference, they may turn to their next choice, believed to be ex-Yankee Nathan Eovaldi. Rodon brings some advantages, his left-handedness being one in Yankee Stadium.”

In January, it became apparent that the Yankees had agreed to add Rodon through a six-year, $162 million contract. They dumped Evoldi and touted the deal with Rodon as a big one next to their ace starter Gerrit Cole. But once the team took to the field, the difference became apparent. Rodon was sidelined for the initial three months of the season due to an injury issue.

When Rodon returned from injury, he failed to carry the Yankees’ hopes. His starts failed to offer the level he had before coming to the Bronx. His season ended with a 3-8 record and with an ERA of 6.85. For the Yankees, his WAR stands as -0.8 and no one can take his claim to become an ace seriously.

After the Yankees dumped Eovaldi for Rodon, the former signed a two-year, $34 million contract with the Texas Rangers. In the current season, the 2023 All-Star has posted a 10-3 record with a 2.83 ERA, 3.18 FIP, 1.02 WHIP, and 109 strikeouts in 18 starts covering 117.2 innings. Notably, his performance comes at a significantly lower cost compared to Rodón while delivering a more productive output.

This, indeed, highlights how the Yankees made the wrong choice by signing Rodon instead of Eovaldi. As early as the mid-July, Joe Heyman sounded out this when he tweeted:

All blame for this biggest mistake of 2023 goes to the Yankees front office.

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2 thoughts on “Dumping Eovaldi to sign Rondon is Yankees’ costliest mistake in 2023

  1. Eovaldi was never going to come back to the Yankees no matter how much they offered he he couldn’t pitch the first time around and left a bad taste in his mouth for New York.

  2. Nasty Nate wouldn’t have pitched to a 2.83 era in NY bc the yanks reliance on analytics instead of baseball minds would’ve messed with his pitch mix. The yanks screw guys up. Think all the way back to Jose Contreras. They didn’t want him pitching from different arm slots. Once he left NY he dazzled bc of using different release points. Sonny Gray was good, came to NYY and stunk, then left and was good again. All bc they messed with his pitch selection and sequencing. Enough is enough already. They probably broke Sevvy doing the same nonsense.

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