Cabrera unleashed: Oswaldo’s epic reaction to meeting Miguel Cabrera

Oswaldo Cabrera, hitting an RBI single in the Yankees’ win over the Tigers on Monday, was thrilled to meet his hero, Miguel Cabrera, on Tuesday.

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The New York Yankees‘ player Oswaldo Cabrera had the opportunity of a lifetime as he met his idol, the legendary Miguel Cabrera. The momentous meeting took place on Tuesday afternoon, August 29, at Comerica Park.

Oswaldo Cabrera was visibly moved as he shared the field with Miguel Cabrera during Monday night’s game. The Venezuelan infielder couldn’t hold back his emotions while standing on third base, gazing at his hero in action. The very next day, his dream came true as he met the retiring Tigers’ star behind the batting cage.

Oswaldo Cabrera – A Vital piece of the Yankees’ future

Oswaldo Cabrera made his Opening Day debut on March 30, though he struck out four times.
Corey Sipkin / New York Post

Joined by fellow Venezuelan teammates Oswald Peraza and Everson Pereira, Oswaldo Cabrera was fortunate enough to engage in a deep baseball conversation with Miguel Cabrera, who is set to retire after this season. The future Hall of Famer generously shared his insights and experiences, leaving the young Yankees players inspired.

Oswaldo Cabrera, his voice brimming with excitement, shared his feelings shortly after the meaningful conversation that lasted for about ten minutes. He exclaimed, “I’m so happy right now, you can’t imagine how, meeting with one of my heroes.” In a world where the adage “never meet your heroes” is often uttered, Oswaldo was quick to disagree. He fondly mentioned meeting another hero, Marwin Gonzalez, and how the experience had strengthened his admiration. Meeting Miguel Cabrera, however, was the pinnacle of his admiration.

The heartfelt encounter was marked by multiple embraces between the Yankees’ Cabrera and the Tigers’ Cabrera. The joy on Oswaldo Cabrera’s face was a testament to the significance of the moment, as he eagerly absorbed the invaluable advice given by his idol.

Reflecting on the previous night’s game, during which Oswaldo Cabrera had the opportunity to play against Miguel Cabrera, he humorously admitted trying to control his emotions due to the cameras. He recounted, “I tried, because there’s too many cameras. I don’t want to do anything to look stupid or something. At the same time, at that moment, I was — not shaking, but I was so excited.” He shared his inner turmoil of wanting to keep his composure while being overwhelmed by emotions. The realization that he was sharing the field with his childhood hero was almost overwhelming.

In his first encounter as an opponent against Miguel Cabrera, Oswaldo Cabrera performed admirably, going 2-for-3 with a walk, an RBI, and even making a leaping grab at third base. He spoke of the honor of competing against his idol, stating, “Being in the game against Miguel Cabrera means so much for me. The first time I saw him at the plate was such an awesome moment.” He explained the dichotomy between his immense respect for Cabrera and the competitive drive to perform at his best against him.

The encounter was truly a meeting of two generations, bridging the gap between a revered veteran and an up-and-coming talent. As the baseball world bids farewell to Miguel Cabrera’s illustrious career, his impact on young players like Oswaldo Cabrera continues to shine brightly.

In another development, Gleyber Torres demonstrated remarkable resilience after being hit by a 98 mph fastball, reflecting the unwavering spirit of the Yankees’ roster. The team’s determination and commitment to the game remain as strong as ever.

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