Boone’s Grand Slam: Yankees manager commands the spotlight at Winter Meetings

Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, is speaking at Winter Meeting in Nashville on Dec 5, 2023.
Amanda Paula
Tuesday December 5, 2023

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On the second day of the Winter Meetings, attention in the Yankees‘ camp has shifted to their current manager, Aaron Boone, who is speculated to play a crucial role in convincing the team to sign a prominent star player.

Encouraging signs in FaceTime call

This afternoon, there was a positive update from Red Sox writer Chris Costillo, who relayed an encouraging update from Yankees manager Aaron Boone. During a recent FaceTime call between Boone and Red Sox manager Alex Cora, Boone’s facial expressions hinted at optimism. Costillo reported Cora’s observations, suggesting that significant and positive developments may be in store for the Yankees.

Stalled talks and impasse in Soto trade

The focus then shifts to the ongoing trade talks between the Yankees and the Padres, specifically concerning superstar outfielder Juan Soto. Momentum had been building leading up to the Winter Meetings, indicating progress towards a potential blockbuster deal. However, negotiations hit a snag when the teams began exchanging names, resulting in a current impasse.

San Diego’s demands include a substantial package of pitchers from the Yankees in exchange for Soto, who has one season left on his current contract. The Padres’ initial asking price includes pitchers Michael King and Clarke Schmidt, along with top pitching prospect Drew Thorpe. The Yankees recognize the need to offer valuable assets for Soto but are hesitant to part with both King and Thorpe for a rental player.

Michael King’s impressive performance in the 2023 season positions him as a key asset in the Yankees’ starting rotation. Despite concerns about his ability to handle a full season workload as a starter, King’s potential as the team’s No. 2 or 3 starter is acknowledged, especially given his outstanding fastball command.

Drew Thorpe, recognized as Minor League Baseball’s pitching prospect of the year, adds further depth to the Yankees’ pitching prospects. With a strong year in the Yankees’ system, Thorpe’s pitch ability and a standout changeup make him a valuable asset.

Potential Pitcher Swap: Yankees Considering Sending Pitchers to the Padres in Trade Talks

The trade discussions between the Yankees and Padres offer mutual benefits, addressing the Yankees’ offensive struggles in the 2023 season and providing the Padres with financial relief and young pitching talent to bolster their rotation.

Ken Rosenthal suggests a potential solution to the standoff, proposing that the Yankees offer one of the two names, King or Thorpe, as a starting point for negotiations. This approach could potentially lead to a deal centered around Clarke Schmidt, who posted a 4.64 ERA in his first full season in the Yankees’ rotation.

Despite the stalled trade talks, Yankees manager Aaron Boone expresses admiration for Juan Soto, describing him as an exceptional offensive player with a remarkable track record. While Boone refrains from discussing how Soto would fit into the Yankees’ lineup, given tampering rules, he emphasizes Soto’s prowess and impact on the game.

“He’s as good an offensive player as there is, right? He’s a machine offensively,” Boone told reporters. On-base, power. Has accomplished a ton already at a young age. Durable. Has been a central figure in a World Championship team. Has come with a lot of fanfare and been one of the rock-solid performers in our sport on the offensive side of the ball year in and year out. He’s a great player.”

In addition to trade discussions, attention at the Winter Meetings also revolves around Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a free agent drawing interest from several MLB teams. Boone acknowledges the difficulty of finding a 25-year-old pitcher with Yamamoto’s decorated career and success on the world stage. The Yankees, along with other teams, are reportedly among the strong suitors for Yamamoto, who is anticipated to be a top-of-the-rotation type of pitcher in MLB.

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  1. Not an Aaron Boone fan.Yankees will never have a substantial winning streak under Boone.He gives away to many games.To me his management style sucks.

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