Austin Wells concedes ‘don’t know’ when asked about his Yankees promotion

Austin Wells in action for the Somerset Patriots.
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Amanda Paula
Friday July 7, 2023

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In an exclusive interview with Fox Sports, Austin Wells of the Somerset Patriots opened up about his remarkable performances ahead of Thursday’s game on July 6.

Austin Wells has been a consistent powerhouse, boasting an impressive .250 batting average and a staggering 12 homers and 47 RBIs this season. Whenever he takes charge behind the plate, the Patriots’ pitching staff dominates with an outstanding 24-9 record and a phenomenal 3.51 ERA.

Curious minds probed the players about his readiness to ascend within the organization, yet his focus remained unwavering on their current exploits.

“I don’t know. It’s beyond my control. I need to keep doing what I’m doing,” Wells modestly replied when asked about a potential promotion.

In addition to his impressive performance on the field, Wells has also been asked about his friendship with Yankees’ standout shortstop Anthony Volpe. Recent reports revealed that the two have been analyzing videos together, with Wells offering helpful tips to his fellow Somerset teammate to improve his swing.

Austin Wells in action for the Somerset Patriots.

“We spent some time dissecting videos, identifying subtle intricacies that seemed to make a difference,” Wells elaborated. “Often, a small tweak can get you back on the right path.”

During a discussion about the famous Volpe-Wells “Chicken Parm” get-togethers, where the two enjoy their preferred dish, Tyler Hardman, Austin Wells’ colleague, felt compelled to share his thoughts.

“I’ve heard whispers about that. Rumors even suggest there might be a limited-edition shirt commemorating our tradition. It’s amazing to witness something as trivial as this gain immense attention.” Hardman stated

This weekend, the Patriots will be facing off against the Reading Fightin’ Phils in an exciting series at the renowned TD Bank Ballpark. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next awe-inspiring performance from one of their rising stars. For more information on Wells, and the Yankees, keep an eye on

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