Anthony Rizzo on his best moment, inspiration, and first job

Yankees star Anthony Rizzo is with his wife Emily and dog Kevin

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Anthony Rizzo‘s illustrious thirteen-year journey in the MLB is a repository of countless emotional moments. When pressed about his absolute favorite, the star first baseman for the New York Yankees doesn’t hesitate – it’s the exhilarating experience of lifting the 2016 World Series trophy with the Chicago Cubs.

A recent TikTok video by user ‘tenzhar’ captured Anthony Rizzo engaging in a rapid-fire question-and-answer session, where he singled out this pinnacle moment in his career. While acknowledging that “every year has its own great story,” the Yankees star can’t hide the joy that surfaces when reminiscing about becoming a champion in the baseball world.

What does Anthony Rizzo do for a living?

Anthony Rizzo is with participants at 12th edition of the Walk-Off for Cancer, organized by the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, took place in Parkland on Dec 3, 2023.
A. Rizzo Foundation

This recent revelation is one of several glimpses into Anthony Rizzo’s personal life that fans have enjoyed. In another TikTok video, the three-time All-Star humorously declared his “first job” to be the role of “dad” to his cherished dachshund, Kevin. This playful disclosure resonated with MLB enthusiasts, who praised the first baseman for his humor and relatability.

In both instances, Anthony Rizzo demonstrates a willingness to share personal experiences, establishing a genuine connection with fans on a human level. His openness about his cancer journey and his affectionate dad-to-dog relationship provide insights into the man beneath the pinstripes, earning him increased respect and admiration from the baseball community.

Who is the inspiration for Anthony Rizzo?

Yankees star Anthony Rizzo is with kids fighting cancer
Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

Anthony Rizzo’s path hasn’t been solely about home runs; he has navigated personal challenges and even battled cancer, drawing inspiration from cycling legend Lance Armstrong to persevere. Despite these adversities, the Yankees first baseman made a significant impact during the 2023 season, contributing to the Yankees in 99 games with a .244 batting average, 12 home runs, and 41 RBIs.

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo recently shared on TikTok that cycling icon played a significant role as his source of inspiration during his battle with cancer. Diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2008 while still a minor leaguer, Rizzo successfully fought the disease and made a triumphant return to the baseball field. He credits Armstrong, renowned for overcoming testicular cancer, as a crucial pillar of strength during his challenging ordeal.

When asked about his greatest inspiration, Anthony Rizzo pointed to Armstrong, stating, “I went through cancer and battled that, and during that time he was my inspiration.”

Anthony Rizzo’s legacy extends well beyond numerical statistics. He has become a cherished figure, and fans, irrespective of their team affiliations, are eager to share their favorite Rizzo memories. Encourage a celebration of the veteran player’s influence on the game by sharing your cherished moments in the comments section.

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