Anthony Rizzo’s confrontation of Higashioka a microcosm of 2023 Yankees

Anthony Rizzo is confronting Kyle Higashioka following his mistake against the Rays on May 6, 2023, at Tropicana Field.

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Although the New York Yankees of 2023 may not be all-powerful currently and are struggling, that is not supposed to be their reason for not displaying their best in the game. The Yankees need to bring their best capabilities in a game and be on their toes if they want to win against teams. such as the Tampa Bay Rays.

Just last Saturday at Tropicana Field, we saw how the Yankees were playing recklessly and carelessly when they couldn’t afford to. 

Higashioka made a costly error for the Yankees

In the first inning, after Domingo German allowed back-to-back hits, he managed to retire two batters in a row. But then, when Manuel Margot stepped up to bat, catcher Kyle Higashioka called for a pitch that he shouldn’t have. He thought there were two strikes on the batter.

Higashioka wandered away from the plate, thinking he had completed his job, but he hadn’t. And unfortunately, this left the team’s strategy in shambles when the actual count was 2-2. As a result, Margot was able to hit a pitch that had too much plate and placed it in the left-field corner, granting Tampa a 2-0 lead that seemed insurmountable 

Anthony Rizzo turned on Higashioka

The mistake resulted in a blow to the Yankees and things were heated up in the Yankees dugout. After that devastating two-run double that felt like a two-run death sentence, first baseman Anthony Rizzo was seen giving catcher Kyle Higashioka a word of caution.

You can’t blame Rizzo for being frustrated. The Yankees are in a tough spot right now. Trying to climb back up to .500 while the Rays continue to widen the gap between them. The Rays are playing like a well-oiled machine, and the Yankees are struggling to keep up.

This is the first time since 1984 that the Yankees have been more than 12+ games far behind in the division this early on in the season. 

Rizzo’s in a tough spot right now. He’s doing his best to be a strong leader and keep the team together, but it’s not easy. He’s walking a fine line between staying connected with his teammates and feeling like an outsider.

This Yankees team has got a lot of potential, though. If they keep pushing for a Wild Card spot, they might even have a shot at the AL East title if they catch a lucky break. But the key is staying together. There are a few players who need to step up and start hitting the ball, but Rizzo’s worried that the team might start to unravel if they don’t stay focused.

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6 thoughts on “Anthony Rizzo’s confrontation of Higashioka a microcosm of 2023 Yankees

  1. I think what Anthony Rizzo did to Higashioka last night was very bad for the Yankees. You never see him going after Trevino for calls behind the plate that lead to home runs or Yankee losses. Rizzo is not a catcher, he’s a first baseman and he should stick to doing his job. Higashioka got 2 key hits in the later innings of the 2 previous games with 1 out and gave the Yankees a chance to win each game but his teammates failed to get it done. You didn’t see Rizzo scolding those players. A catcher and pitcher have a game plan before each game as German clearly stated at the post game interview and that was to throw the pitch Higashioka called for with 2 strikes. I see this as very bad for the Yankees image. Do your own job on the team and leave everyone else to their own jobs. I was a Rizzo fan but after last night, without a public apology to Higashioka, I will no longer be a fan. Poor poor image for the Yankees last night, very disappointed Yankee fan. 😞

  2. Furthermore showing Rizzo talking to Trevino afterwards was very very bad! It was as if you we’re pitting 2 catchers against each other. Trevino should have walked away, very bad image!!

  3. Who ever wrote this article is a moron. I didn’t think Tampa played like a well oiled machine. Put the ball in play and they will make mistakes.

  4. Publicly reaming someone out for an obvious mistake, one that Higgy I am sure is still beating himself up about, is not an example of good leadership, imo. Shaming a pro doesn’t work. I love Rizzo, but he let frustration get the best of him and crossed the line on this one.

  5. I was a big time Rizzo fan but after his public reaming out Kyle Higoshioka I was more disappointed with Rizzo than Higoshioka. You win and lose as a team , frustration is no excuse. With many of our higher profile players coming back I can only hope we see a more productive hitting ball club. The Captain is back and his presence in the dugout should lift everyone’s spirits. Rizzo can get back to being the constructive ball player, Hopefully our bullpen will get a rest, thankfully the pitching has helped keep the Yankees above 500 .
    There are reasons to be positive, hopefully the upcoming series will motivate us to play a better ball game.

  6. My question is Aaron Judge is in th dug out everynight why is Rizzo talking to him not
    Judge ? I also question does Judge know what to do as captain. He looks different then Jetter. All we hear is we need Judge back. Judge is there everynight. He. Should be getting them motivated…Please dont get me wrong i love Judge. He doesnt need a bat to mottivate his team..i hope someone talked to Rizzo.

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