Anthony Misiewicz remains ‘alert and oriented’ but in hospital after hit by 100-mph line drive

Yankees Anthony Misiewicz collapses after hit by a 100-mph line drive by Pirates' Ji-hwan Bae at PNC Park on Sept 15, 2023.

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Following a harrowing incident at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, where Yankees reliever Anthony Misiewicz was struck in the head by a blistering 100.6-mph line drive, the Yankees provided assurance that the 28-year-old player was “conscious and aware” after being taken to a nearby hospital.

“He was assessed by Pittsburgh team doctors and was transported to Allegheny General Hospital where he will undergo further testing,” the Yankees posted about Anthony Misiewicz on X, formerly Twitter.

Anthony Misiewicz, who was pitching against Ji-hwan Bae in the sixth inning, was hit by a ferocious comeback liner on the side of his head. The 28-year-old Yankees pitcher immediately collapsed on the field and received treatment from Yankees athletic trainers before being removed from the game on a cart.

Anthony Misiewicz underwent scans

The searing line drive, struck by the Pirates’ Ji Hwan Bae, rebounded off the left side of Anthony Misiewicz’s face and landed in right field, prompting a sudden hush in the stadium. Despite collapsing to the ground, Misiewicz remained conscious as trainers swiftly attended to him. After a brief period, he managed to stand up, with a towel covering the left side of his face, and sat on a cart that transported him off the field.

The Pirates’ medical team assessed the 28-year-old before his transfer to Allegheny General Hospital for additional tests.

Shortly after the Yankees secured a 7-5 victory, manager Aaron Boone disclosed that Anthony Misiewicz had just completed some scans, although the results were not yet available.

“All I know is he left here in good spirits and [the medical staff] felt like in a pretty good spot,” Boone said. “Just hoping and praying for the best as far as results and the hours after.”

While Anthony Misiewicz remained grounded, the Yankees’ infielders gathered around him, and Aaron Judge, who retrieved the rebound in right field, approached to offer his support.

As he made his exit from the field, Anthony Misiewicz engaged in conversation with the infielders, sharing high fives and fist bumps. Anthony Volpe even presented him with the ball responsible for the injury.

The Yankees were additionally reassured by Misiewicz’s coherence and his lighthearted banter with the team as he departed the field.

“He kind of dropped, ‘I thought I threw a pretty good curveball there,’ ” Judge said. “Hearing him joke at least helped us reassure he was going to be all right.”

Gerrit Cole amply summed up the feel among the Yankees team

“Just sick to my stomach about it,” told Gerrit Cole. “Just the fact that he’s alert through pretty much the whole thing, which is probably not a whole lot of fun to be alert through, but it’s better than the other way. We’re just thinking about him.”

Anthony Misiewicz had just made his third appearance for the Yankees, having been called up from Triple-A the previous Sunday. The left-handed pitcher attempted to extend his glove to deflect the line drive but had almost no time to react.

“I was looking at him and I didn’t really know where the ball went and all of a sudden I saw something flying all the way out to me,” Aarong Judge told. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. Hopefully, we get some good news here soon.”

The Yankees’ medical team quickly rushed to the scene. After a few moments, Misiewicz sat up, and they examined him with a towel on his head to control any potential bleeding. Players from both teams knelt on the field, and Bae appeared visibly shaken by the incident.

“I saw the ball going through to him and I saw his face, too, so I got a little bit of shock,” Bae said. “I was just feeling really sorry about it. It was an accident. Nothing we can do. Just praying.”

“Right away, kind of that deafening silence, that pit in your stomach,” Boone said. “All I know is he left here in good spirits and felt he was in a good spot but just hoping and praying for the best as far as results.”

Catcher Ben Rortvedt was so perturbed that he told, “I can’t explain it, it all happened really fast, honestly.”

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