An error that turned the tide against Yankees in loss to Red Sox

John Allen
Monday June 12, 2023

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The Yankees were leading against the Red Sox on Sunday evening and fans were hopeful of a series win. However, a crucial error committed by Gleyber Torres in the eighth inning turned the tide against them.

Torres was unable to field a throw from left fielder Billy McKinney, resulting in the runner, Kike Hernandez, advancing to a scoring position. Subsequently, Hernandez crossed home plate following Jarren Duran’s RBI groundout and tied the score with the Yankees.

The defensive mishap proved to be too costly for the Yankees, as it resulted in them relinquishing their lead and ultimately losing the game. The Red Sox emerged victorious in the decisive matchup, securing a 3-2 win in 10 innings, marking the third consecutive low-scoring contest between the two teams.

Amidst their recent offensive struggles, Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged that even minor errors can have a more significant impact on his team.

Torres’ mistake cost the Yankees dearly

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In the late stages of the game, while trailing by a single run, the Red Sox faced Michael King as they took their turn at bat in the eighth inning. Despite King’s presence on the pitching mound, a completely inexcusable error committed by Torres provided Boston with an opportunity to level the score and eliminate the Yankees’ lead. Seizing the chance, the Red Sox managed to tie the game at 2-2 during the eighth inning.

The sequence began with Hernandez leading off the inning and then securing a single off reliever Michael King. As Torres failed to handle the throw back into the infield, he advanced to second base. Ultimately, he crossed home plate on an RBI groundout from leadoff hitter Jarren Duran, who came to the plate a few batters later.

At the beginning of the inning, Hernandez initiated with a softly hit single. As the ball was lazily thrown back to the infield by McKinney, Gleyber displayed an unexpected lack of urgency, resulting in the ball slipping past him. With no one present to support the routine play, Hernandez capitalized on the opportunity and successfully advanced to second base.

Manager Boone commented that those errors were considered minor mistakes in the context of playing close, low-scoring games, as they could often become decisive factors. He further noted that there were a few aspects of today’s performance that the Yankees didn’t execute well.

“Those are little mistakes, when we are playing low-scoring, tight games where those are separators sometimes,” Boone told. “A couple of things today we didn’t do great.”

This was exemplified by Gleyber Torres’ error during the top of the eighth inning, which played a significant role in the Yankees’ 3-2 defeat against Boston in a 10-inning contest held in The Bronx. Ron Marinaccio, who entered the mound in the bottom of the 10th inning, allowed a game-winning RBI single to Hernandez. The squad lost to the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Sunday by a score of 3-2.

While maintaining a slim one-run advantage, Michael King yielded a leadoff single to Kiké Hernandez, who skillfully placed the ball through the left side of the infield.

Had Torres been able to avoid the error and successfully caught the ball thrown by Billy McKinney, this would have kept the Yankees in the lead. However, he missed the opportunity and incurred an unusual mistake. Torres’ misplay caused the ball to evade him and continue rolling all the way to first base, resulting in Hernandez advancing to second. He scored the tying run on Jarren Duran’s groundout, which leveled the game. Ultimately, the Red Sox emerged victorious in the 10th inning.

Boone emphasized the need for greater caution and attentiveness when handling the ball, stressing the importance of being more careful.

Torres took the responsibility

Torres took responsibility for the error, acknowledging that it was his mistake. The Yankees second baseman mentioned that Billy threw the ball directly toward the base, but Torres admitted that he may have been too quick in trying to assess the runner, causing him to miss the ball.

McKinney accepted responsibility for his part in the play, recognizing that he should have executed a better throw, aiming to deliver it accurately to Gleyber’s chest. He acknowledged his own fault in the matter.

Despite the ball not being thrown directly at Torres, he was in a favorable position to prevent it from passing him, thereby maintaining Hernandez’s position at first base. When asked about what he would have done differently during the play, Torres responded with a smile and a simple remark: “Catch the ball.”

He explained that he had attempted to swiftly catch the ball and potentially make a throw to first base, aiming to catch Hernandez off guard. Despite his undeniable talent, Torres occasionally commits perplexing errors, as he did on Sunday, leaving spectators puzzled.

Boone highlighted one of Torres’ strengths in his defensive game, emphasizing that he possesses a natural ease while playing. However, he also stressed the importance of finding the right balance, emphasizing the need for caution in order to avoid errors.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the scenario during this particular play. The Yankees manager expressed his disappointment with the situation, noting that it was unacceptable for such a play to have a significant impact. He emphasized the importance of being in the right position to handle the ball, regardless of whether it was slightly off target. Boone reassured them that they would address the issue and work through it as a team.

Sixth error this season by Torres

Torres, who has already committed six errors this season compared to seven in the entirety of the previous year, acknowledged and concurred with the observation. He admitted that he should have securely caught the ball, emphasizing that it was a straightforward play that he should have executed without any difficulty.

Observing Hernandez crossing home plate to score the run that leveled the game and enabled Boston to extend the contest, resulting in their eventual victory and series triumph, only compounded the frustration of the situation.

AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Torres expressed his disappointment, acknowledging that the error he made had negative implications for the Yankees. He believed that if he had not committed the mistake, Hernandez would have remained on first base, potentially leading to a double-play opportunity for the team.

In addition, the Yankees experienced a baserunning error when Anthony Rizzo was caught in a precarious position, having strayed too far from second base, resulting in him being tagged out and concluding the sixth inning with DJ LeMahieu still at the plate. Rizzo had previously walked but struggled at the plate, going hitless in his last three at-bats. His hitless streak now extends to 22 consecutive at-bats over the course of his last six games.

Continuing the trend of impressive pitching performances, Yankees’ starter Clarke Schmidt maintained his form by allowing only one run on four hits against the Red Sox, spanning over 5 1/3 innings. In his last five starts, dating back to May 19, the right-hander has been exceptional, conceding just seven earned runs in 27 innings pitched (equating to a 2.33 ERA). During this period, Schmidt accumulated 22 strikeouts while issuing a mere five walks.

In their 3-2 defeat to the Red Sox on Sunday night, the Yankees struggled to generate offense, managing only three hits. Despite scoring two runs, both of which resulted from an unusual play that should have resulted in an out, the team has averaged a mere three runs per game since Judge’s injury. The Yankees’ offensive prowess has noticeably diminished, becoming a recurring pattern as of late. With a record of 3-4 since Judge’s injury, the victories have been less than impressive, highlighting their troubling inability to string hits together as a significant cause for concern.

Boone assessed the team’s performance, noting that while there were some decent at-bats, they were not enough to significantly impact the opposing pitcher, Bello. He acknowledged that the Yankees struggled to mount a good offense.

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