Alex Verdugo’s big blast sparks Yankees’ hopes for sustained power surge

Alex Verdugo celebrates after his home run against the Diamondbacks and the Yankees dugout cheers to welcome him at Chase Field on April 3, 2024.
John Allen
Thursday April 4, 2024

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Alex Verdugo provided the spark the New York Yankees desperately needed in Wednesday’s nail-biting clash against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Stepping into the batter’s box with the game knotted in the top of the 10th inning, Alex Verdugo unleashed a game-altering, two-run blast on the very first pitch, momentarily putting the Yankees ahead.

While the Yankees ultimately emerged triumphant with a 6-5 victory in 11 innings, Alex Verdugo’s home run will be an indelible moment. His celebratory trot, clocking in at a leisurely 30.86 seconds – the slowest of the season thus far – exemplified his savoring of the pivotal hit. He took a moment to admire his shot before unleashing a triumphant bat flip and circling the bases at his own leisurely pace.

Manager Aaron Boone, ever the jokester, couldn’t resist remarking, “I wish he would have taken some time to admire it.”

For Alex Verdugo, an Arizona native, this home run held extra significance. Not only was it his first in a Yankees uniform, but it came in a crucial moment against his former team. He acknowledged the electrifying atmosphere created by his teammates, highlighting how their collective energy fueled his performance.

Initially aiming simply to advance the runner with a base hit, Alex Verdugo surpassed expectations by delivering a powerful swing that plated two runs. This clutch hit stood in stark contrast to his early-season struggles at the plate, where he managed just 3 hits in his first 24 at-bats.

Alex Verdugo’s blast unleashes Yankees frenzy

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Back in the dugout, Alex Verdugo was met with a hero’s welcome from his teammates. They’ve adopted his rallying cry, “We’re dawgs out here,” which originated during the Yankees’ recent sweep of the Astros. This mantra has become a unifying force within the team, with players like Marcus Stroman echoing the sentiment during moments of triumph. Alex Verdugo’s home run, coupled with the team’s unwavering support, perfectly exemplified the “dawgs out here” mentality that is propelling the Yankees forward.

Following their thrilling 6-5 triumph over the Arizona Diamondbacks, Aaron Judge encapsulated the team’s mentality with a simple yet powerful statement: “There’s a lot of dogs in that dugout.” This sentiment was echoed by Alex Verdugo, the originator of the canine metaphor.

Fueled by the team’s enthusiastic celebrations, Alex Verdugo hopes the “dawgs out here” rallying cry continues to reverberate throughout the season. He recognizes the power of these seemingly small gestures in fostering team unity. Alex Verdugo’s infectious energy and confident demeanor have quickly endeared him to fans within the clubhouse.

Coming off a less than ideal ending with the Red Sox last year, Alex Verdugo’s transition into the Yankees’ culture has been seamless. Both Aaron Judge and manager Aaron Boone have publicly expressed their long-standing desire to have him on the team, a testament to his positive impact.

Alex Verdugo might just get a taste of the electrifying atmosphere at Yankee Stadium on Friday, his first home start. Imagine the roar of the right-field bleachers erupting in barks of support!


Reflecting on his recent performances, Alex Verdugo confessed to feeling on the cusp of a breakthrough. He mentioned having positive at-bats where he made solid contact and worked counts effectively, but also acknowledged some missed opportunities. However, he was relieved to finally find his rhythm and contribute offensively. Alex Verdugo reiterated his commitment to the team’s success and expressed strong confidence in their collective abilities moving forward.

“Been feeling close. Had some good at-bats, just missing the ball and working some counts. And then I had some bad at-bats where I just gave them away,” he told. “Today, to finally go up there and feel good barrel and to help the boys out and really contribute on the offensive side was huge. Just trying to help this team win and we have a good squad. Everything feels great.”

Manager Aaron Boone echoed these sentiments, praising Alex Verdugo’s impactful performance and highlighting the importance of his contributions to the team’s victory. Verdugo’s clutch homer served as a turning point in the game and a significant moment for him personally, silencing any doubts about his ability to produce for the Yankees.

Alex Verdugo’s defense also shines

Alex Verdugo celebrates following a stellar defense on Yankees left field during the Houston series on March 31, 2024, Minute Maid Park.

The New York Yankees raised eyebrows when they acquired Alex Verdugo from their bitter rivals, the Boston Red Sox. This unexpected trade aimed to fortify the Yankees’ outfield defense and infuse their lineup with another potent left-handed bat.

Alex Verdugo hasn’t disappointed on the defensive front, living up to his reputation as a stellar outfielder. However, his offensive contributions haven’t quite reached the anticipated level yet. Last season, he displayed impressive power, matching his career-high with 13 home runs, while also hitting 37 doubles and a career-best five triples. This track record as an extra-base hitting machine has yet to materialize in his performance in pinstripes.

Despite Alex Verdugo’s early offensive struggles, the Yankees remain optimistic, particularly after a breakout performance by Aaron Judge, who went deep in Wednesday’s game. Both Judge and his teammates believe Wednesday’s victory could be the spark he needs to ignite his offensive production.

In a post-game interview with YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits, Judge lauded Alex Verdugo’s consistent approach throughout the season. He highlighted Verdugo’s patient approach at the plate, but also noted a key shift to a more aggressive strategy before his crucial at-bat. Judge praised Alex Verdugo’s disciplined hitting and bat control, emphasizing how his strategic aggressiveness paid dividends. Judge’s comments underscore the potential for a single impactful swing to ignite a player’s offensive momentum.

Following their impressive 6-1 road trip to start the season, Alex Verdugo and the Yankees return home on Friday, ready to face their passionate Bronx fans and look to build upon their early success. The outfielder will aim to translate his defensive dominance into offensive production, potentially living up to the expectations set by his past achievements. With a supportive team environment and the potential for a breakout moment, Alex Verdugo’s offensive surge might be just around the corner.

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