Alex Rodriguez gives conditional approval to daughter to study arts

Alex Rodriguez with his daughters.

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Alex Rodriguez is getting ready to send his oldest daughter, Natasha, to the University of Michigan for college. Before she goes, he makes sure she agrees to his condition about the classes she should have.

Alex Rodriguez explained that his only requirement for Natasha was to include business classes from the University of Michigan along with her chosen fields of study. He mentioned that while she could pursue her interests, she must take advantage of having business courses at Michigan’s great business school.

“My only condition is because all these young actors want to bypass college and I’m always saying, like, ‘You can [study] drama, you can do whatever you want, but as long as you’re taking your business classes at Michigan; they have a great business school,” he said.

Alex Rodriguez shared these thoughts exclusively with US Weekly on August 4th when discussing Natasha’s interest in the university’s musical theater program. He added that this was the agreement they had made.

About Natasha, Alex Rodriguez’s daughter

Alex Rodriguez and Jac Cordeiro with his daughters, Natasha and Ella on Dec. 17, 2022.
Instagram/Alex Rodriguez

Natasha is the daughter of former baseball player Alex Rodriguez from his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. She is 18 years old and graduated from high school this year. The daughter has already decided to join the University of Michigan’s program for performing arts and will be going to the campus in the Midwest later this month.

Alex Rodriguez mentioned that he couldn’t believe that he would be taking Natasha to Ann Arbor in a couple of weeks. He expressed a mixture of feelings – feeling very proud of Natasha but also feeling quite sad that his first child was going away. Alex Rodriguez shared these thoughts on Friday while talking about his collaboration with OraPharma. He also added that for fathers like him, their children would always remain their babies, even when they became 30 years old.

According to the MLB icon, he has begun to notice the changes in their home life now that Natasha is away at school. Alex Rodriguez shared an experience from a recent overnight trip. He usually wakes up his younger daughter, Ella, in the morning and the daughters’ rooms are opposite each other. He mentioned that, out of habit, he went to knock on Natasha’s door, as he has been doing for 18 years. But she wasn’t there and it led him to realize what the next four years would be like.

Alex Rodriguez, who is currently dating fitness trainer Jaclyn “Jac” Cordeiro, shared more about how Ella was getting prepared to live alone.

According to him, Ella has mixed feelings and she’s a bit excited because she gets to take charge at home now. This is because she has a younger stepsister named Cami, who is 7 years old and belongs to her mom, Cynthia Scurtis, and her stepdad, Angel Nicolas. But, like everyone else in the family, Ella feels a combination of sadness about Natasha leaving for Michigan though she is proud of her at the same time.

A-Rod feels proud of his daughter

Alex Rodriguez is proud of his daughter Natasha’s decision to pursue a career in the arts. She has a clear understanding of her goals and is a diligent worker who believes in earning her achievements without any shortcuts. He spoke highly of her, describing her as a remarkable young lady. A-Rod also revealed her aspiration to perform in a major production like “Hamilton” or something of similar significance.

Natasha is going to a good place to learn. The University of Michigan is the alma mater of many famous people, like Darren Criss from the show “Glee,” Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris,” and the composers of “The Greatest Showman,” Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul. Even James Earl Jones went there.

Whenever Alex Rodriguez has some free time, he works alongside OraPharma to spread awareness about gum disease.

According to Rodriguez, he was surprised during one of his routine visits when he learned about his own early-stage diagnosis. He felt even more surprised and a bit anxious, realizing how common the issue was in the United States, particularly within his own community. The Yankees great added that when you look at things from a distance, it might seem like everything is fine and flawless, but seeing his own experience made him understand that anyone could be affected.

Alex Rodriguez added that, personally, he wasn’t someone who eagerly anticipated visiting the dentist. However, he mentioned that he came to understand the importance of regular dental visits as a necessary step and something that everyone should treat more seriously.

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