Albert Pujols cites the 2011 Cardinals to back Yankees’ playoff chances

Albert Pujols with Yankees legend Derek Jeter

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Albert Pujols, the Cardinals legend and one of the greatest-ever hitters in baseball, is hopeful of the New York Yankees making it to the 2023 playoffs. Having embarked on his new journey as a broadcaster and MLB ambassador, Albert Pujols expressed his confidence in the New York Yankees’ potential to secure a spot in the playoffs.

The New York Yankees haven’t done well as fans did expect in the 2023 season. Their team hasn’t been playing very strongly, and their star player, Aaron Judge, was out for a long time because of an injury. Even their pitching rotation is reeling under injury. But even with all this, Albert Pujols, who will likely be in the Baseball Hall of Fame soon, thinks the Yankees have a chance to do better despite all the mess they are dealing with.

Why does Albert Pujols think so?

Albert Pujols mentioned that he couldn’t completely rule out the Yankees. He recalled being part of a Cardinals team back in 2011, which was quite far behind in the standings. But they managed to make it to the playoffs with some help from the Philadelphia Phillies. He thinks that the Yankees still have a shot, but they need to begin improving their performance.

Albert Pujols with Yankees legend Derek Jeter

When Albert Pujols says something, it’s not easy to disagree. He’s really good at baseball, and what he said might make Yankees fans more hopeful. Many already feel like the season is over, but maybe the Yankees can still do well.

The Yankees have equal winning and losing numbers tied at 60-60. They are in the last position in their division, the American League East. Their chances to make it to the AL Wild Card don’t look very good either. They are behind by 6.5 games to get the last spot.

If a team has really great players like Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole, they could surprise everyone and do well even if it’s unexpected. But these star players have to play really well for that to happen. If they don’t, the Yankees won’t make it to the playoffs this year.

But if the Yankees turn things around and start playing better, fans can be grateful to Albert Pujols for believing in them and not giving up.

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