Aaron Judge, Yankees abuzz over Juan Soto power surge in the Bronx

Yankees slugger Juan Soto is doing workout.

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Anticipated to join the Yankees’ lineup in the upcoming season, Juan Soto is expected to bring a combination of power and discipline, providing a crucial enhancement for a team that faced challenges in scoring.

Pitcher Gerrit Cole, infielder Gleyber Torres, and first baseman Anthony Rizzo warmly welcomed the 25-year-old into the team, following his acquisition from the Padres in a seven-player deal last week.

Aaron Judge expressed his excitement about the acquisition, acknowledging that they had traded several components to bring the individual on board. However, he emphasized Juan Soto’s extraordinary talent, referring to them as a generational talent. Judge highlighted the player’s impressive track record and statistics, stating that everyone within the Yankee community was enthusiastic about having this person as part of the team.

“I’m excited. We gave up quite a few pieces to get him, but he’s a generational talent,” Aaron Judge said on FOX 5 New York. “His track record, his stats speak for themselves. I think everybody in the Yankee universe is pretty excited to have him on board.”

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto of the New York Yankees

Juan Soto a boost for Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge stands out among those likely to reap significant advantages from Juan Soto’s presence. Having the slugger in the lineup is expected to give Judge a formidable ally in manager Aaron Boone’s batting order. Although Boone has yet to divulge specific plans, cleverly avoiding the topic at the Winter Meetings before Juan Soto’s acquisition was confirmed, it seems likely that the Yankees’ Opening Day lineup might feature Aaron Judge hitting second and Juan Soto taking the three-hole.

Juan Soto expressed his anticipation, mentioning that it would be an amazing experience. He conveyed his excitement about sharing the field, stating his eagerness to be alongside someone he considers a great person. Juan Soto recalled how this individual had extended support when he was traded and looked forward to witnessing their hitting skills and outfield performance. He also mentioned his intention to engage in conversation and learn from the person during their time together, emphasizing the desire to savor the moment.

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How Soto can boost the Yankees

Juan Soto, the left-handed addition, brings much-needed balance to the Bombers, a team that found itself ranking 29th in the Majors for plate appearances by left-handed batters in the previous season.

The narrative is poised to change in 2024, as Soto, alongside Rizzo, outfielder Alex Verdugo, catcher Austin Wells, and outfielder Trent Grisham, is expected to form a lineup strategically crafted to capitalize on the short right-field porch at Yankee Stadium.

Juan Soto described the ballpark and batter’s box as excellent, expressing his comfort and pleasure standing there. He mentioned feeling at ease and capable of receiving quality pitches within the strike zone, allowing him the opportunity to make impactful hits. His approach involved focusing on his responsibilities and concentrating on making contact with the ball.

The slugger explained that his home runs often occur naturally without intentional effort, as his primary aim was to hit low-line drives down the center of the field rather than specifically aiming for home runs.

As the Yankees aim to erase the remnants of a disappointing 82-win season that concluded without a postseason berth, Juan Soto envisions a return to the playoffs. This aspiration follows the Padres’ exclusion from postseason contention in the previous season.

With a World Series victory alongside the Nationals in 2019 and participation in the National League Championship Series with San Diego in 2022, Juan Soto is confident in his ability to contribute to the Yankees’ postseason journey, envisioning a prolonged stay at Yankee Stadium well into October.

Yankees' Juan Soto is shopping at a New York store.

Juan Soto conveyed a consistent mindset that has prevailed since he arrived in the league in 2018, centered around the goal of winning. He emphasized that winning is his primary focus when he steps onto the field every day. Reflecting on the experience of winning the World Series in 2019, he described it as a fantastic feeling and expressed his strong desire to replicate that achievement once more.

Speaking from Miami, Juan Soto addressed various topics during his introductory Zoom session with the New York media, touching on discussions about his contract status. Having allegedly declined a 15-year, $440 million extension offer from Washington, Soto is set to become a free agent after the 2024 season.

He assured that the Yankees are aware of the appropriate contacts for potential extension talks. Just in case a reminder was needed, his agent Scott Boras also joined the Zoom conference from his offices in Newport Beach, Calif.

Juan Soto expressed confidence in not letting speculation about his future become a distraction.

He mentioned his experience of managing such matters for six years, expressing confidence that handling it wouldn’t pose significant challenges. Juan Soto credited his agent as one of the best in the league and planned to entrust him with the responsibilities, relying on his expertise. The slugger reiterated his primary focus on playing baseball and striving to contribute to winning a championship, emphasizing that this mindset remains his priority.

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