Aaron Judge’s unique route to ring Jingle Bells

A miniature replica of Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain, with his dogs.
Inna Zeyger
Wednesday December 27, 2023

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During the festive Christmas season, Aaron Judge, the iconic figure of New York City and the powerhouse slugger for the Yankees, went beyond his usual home run hitting to spread holiday joy and Dominican vibes at MVP Barbershop, a beloved Bronx establishment frequented by MLB stars.

Established in 2001 by Dominican native Jose “Jordan” Lopez, MVP Barbershop has served as a sanctuary for baseball’s elite to receive stylish haircuts and exchange stories. Its walls echo tales of MVP seasons and legendary rivalries, etched in every snip and trim.

Leading up to Christmas, Aaron Judge visited, not just for a haircut but to engage in some caroling – in Spanish! The heartwarming moment was captured by MLB’s official Spanish account: Judge, radiating joy alongside Lopez and his team, passionately sang “Feliz Navidad.”

This wasn’t merely a celebrity appearance; it was a tribute to Lopez’s own journey. Crossing the Atlantic from the Dominican Republic at the age of 17 with dreams and clippers, he later established his Brooklyn shop, attracting baseball royalty with one childhood connection to a Miami Marlins pitcher.

Marlins infielder Luis Castillo became Lopez’s initial prominent client, paving the way for a star-studded customer base. Notable figures like Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, and even the reigning MVP Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves have all experienced Lopez’s skilled hands. Juan Soto is another customer there.

Despite being sidelined by injuries for a portion of 2023, Aaron Judge holds a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers. His 2022 season was nothing short of legendary – a record-breaking 62 home runs, an AL MVP title, and a staggering $360 million contract solidified his status as a Yankees legend.

So, ahead of Christmas, Aaron Judge wasn’t just getting a haircut; he was reconnecting with his Dominican love, celebrating community, and reminding everyone that even baseball superstars enjoyed a festive sing-along during the holidays. Thanks to the internet, the entire world could partake in the joyous spirit of the season.

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

Aaron Judge gives barbershop a big boost

Christmas arrived ahead of schedule for Jose “Jordan” Lopez, the mastermind behind MVP Barbershop, the beloved Bronx establishment catering to baseball’s elite. While Lopez’s chair has hosted numerous legends, Aaron Judge’s unexpected visit before the holidays left a lasting impact. Aaron Judge, the undisputed king of New York sports, brought more than his iconic smile and imposing presence; he brought a sense of validation and anticipation. In a year where injuries tested Aaron Judge’s resilience, his Christmastime appearance felt like a vote of confidence, a hint of the epic season to unfold.

With Judge leading a resurgent Yankees team in 2024, the symphony of baseball discussions is sure to resonate once again in MVP Barbershop, with each precise snip and trim carrying the promise of yet another glorious chapter in New York baseball history.

Aaron Judge’s gift to QB DeVito


In a touching pre-Christmas incident, New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito experienced an unexpected display of generosity from none other than Yankees captain Aaron Judge. While enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, DeVito was astonished to discover that Aaron Judge had covered his entire bill.

For the young quarterback, an undrafted free agent who joined the Giants in April 2023, the encounter felt surreal. Despite gaining local hero status for his NFL debut and subsequent journey from being waived to re-signed to the practice squad, DeVito never anticipated sharing a meal with Aaron Judge, let alone having it graciously paid for by the baseball icon.

DeVito’s disbelief in this encounter underscores the humanizing impact of sports heroes. The fact that an unheralded rookie is acknowledged by an established superstar emphasizes the universal values of kindness and humility that extend beyond the confines of sports. Aaron Judge’s act of generosity, reflecting his own dedication and work ethic, adds a heartening touch to the competitive realm of professional sports.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge

While the surprise covering of the dinner tab might seem like a small gesture, for DeVito, it speaks volumes about Aaron Judge’s character and the unifying essence of sports in New York City. This moment transcends the usual narrative of wins and losses, serving as a poignant reminder of the human connections that bind athletes and fans, even across different leagues and sports.

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