Aaron Hicks vs. Yankees: Series marked by Orioles lineup absence and Yankees fans’ jeers

Aaron Hicks gets booed as he struggles in first Yankees start.

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The return of Aaron Hicks to face his former team, the New York Yankees, was met with a mixture of jeers and controversy. Despite Hicks’ success with the Baltimore Orioles, he couldn’t escape the disapproval of Yankees fans.

In an interview with the New York Post, Aaron Hicks expressed his modest expectations for his reception at Yankee Stadium. Despite enduring boos during his eight-year tenure with the New York Yankees, which recently ended with his designation for assignment, Hicks anticipated being treated like any other opposing player. He acknowledged the reputation of Yankees fans for being tough on visiting teams and remained focused on contributing to his current team’s success.

In the recent three-game series against the Yankees, Hicks had the following statistics: On July 5th, he scored one run with one hit and 0 RBIs in five at-bats. On July 4th, he scored one run with one hit, 1 RBI, and one stolen base in three at-bats. On July 3rd, he had one hit and one walk in four at-bats.

However, the spotlight shifted when Aaron Hicks was unexpectedly scratched from the Orioles’ lineup for Thursday’s game against the Yankees. The reason for his removal remains unclear, with the Orioles expected to explain soon. In the meantime, Colton Cowser will take over in center field, and Adam Frazier will start in left field, batting eighth.

Aaron Hicks’ absence from the Orioles lineup sparks a negative reaction

Aaron Hicks during a batting training as a Yankees player.
Lynne Sladky/Associated Press

The jeering of Hicks by Yankees fans has drawn criticism from insiders. A baseball podcaster, Keith McPherson believes that the constant negativity towards Hicks has gone too far, and it’s time to move on. However, many Yankee fans disagreed, expressing their discontent when a tribute video was played during Hicks’ first game back on Monday night.

The organization is not us. They don’t hate that man. It goes beyond his on-the-field struggles. None of these fans have ever met him. They don’t know what he did behind the scenes. We don’t know what Aaron Hicks did off the field.That’s what they do now. Do you know why? It’s content. They can post it on their Twitter, YouTube. I understand how they come together and say, ‘Aaron Hicks is having his first game back at Yankee Stadium. Can we create a tribute with his best moments?'”

Regardless of the reasons behind Hicks’ absence, the series between Hicks and his former team has stirred controversy, boos, and, most notably, his absence in the final game against the Yankees.

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