Fans want Yankees to dump Aaron Hicks for crying over playing time, provocation

Aaron Hicks
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Inna Zeyger
Wednesday September 21, 2022

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Aaron Hicks, who plays as an outfielder for the Yankees, said some things that made many fans upset. Hicks openly complained that the Yankees didn’t play him much in the second half of the season. This shows that his future with the team is uncertain after he had a terrible season in 2022. Hicks has also cautioned that he might do better on a different team in 2023.

With Harrison Bader about to join the Yankees for the first time since they got him at the trade deadline, it’s clear that Aaron Hicks’s already limited playing time will be cut even more. That doesn’t sit well with the veteran outfielder, who said it might be best for him to move on from the team.

Aaron Hicks chose to speak about this on Saturday.

“I expect Bader to come in and start playing every day, as he should. He got traded here to help us win. We need him to be himself to win a World Series. When I get opportunities, I’ll try to make the most of them, but it’s extremely hard when I play a game and then I’m off for three days and now there’s another outfielder out there.”

Aaron Hicks has played in 13 games in September, with nine of them being starts. He played in 17 games in August, and 15 of them were starts. Both offensively and defensively, Hicks has been terrible for the past two months.

In August, he had a terrible .137/.224/.137 batting line, which gave him an OPS of .361. In September, he hit .200. He seems to think that not getting enough playing time is making it hard for him to get out of his slump. But it’s hard to say that Aaron Hicks deserves the amount of playing time he is getting now.

The outfielder even warned the Yankees when asked if he has a future in the Bronx.

“I don’t know. The Yankees are gonna have to make a decision and I’ll wait for whatever happens. It’s not really my call.”

Since the veteran isn’t sure he wants to stay with the team, it’s clear that the Yankees need to get rid of the struggling outfielder. The Yankees’ unforgiving fan base isn’t likely to change its mind about Aaron Hicks any time soon, and these latest crybaby comments won’t go over well with them.

Even though Aaron Hicks has three years and $30 million left on his contract, it’s hard to see why the team should keep him around. His most recent comments should be the last straw for the Yankees. They can’t justify bringing Aaron Hicks back in 2023 when he doesn’t even want to be there.

Should the Yankees dump Aaron Hicks or give him another chance?

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