A-Rod’s video invites the wrath of Yankees fans

A-Rod with daughters of ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

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Yankees fans rever Alex Rodriguez for his on-field exploits during 12 seasons in New York. A-Rod was a cult figure during his playing days and fans expect him to be a Yankee forever. Going against such expectations is sure to draw their wrath. Fans are upset after a video posted on Twitter showed A-Rod singing a song associated with the Red Sox, the most prominent rivals of the Yankees.

Talkin’ Yanks posted the video that shows the former Yankees star singing “Sweet Caroline” at a bar. The Boston Red Sox have played the Neil Diamond song at Fenway Park for a long time. A-Rod was seen wearing a Pedro Martinez jersey.

As it went viral, the New York Yankees’ fans refuse to like the way A-Rod is having fun.

“Everyday is a new low as a Yankee fan,” a fan said.

“We are down so bad,” another lamented.

Another fan made a joke that Derek Jeter would “never” cross enemy lines as A-Rod did. Given how buttoned-up he is in public, it’s hard to imagine the former shortstop singing in a cowboy hat.

Yankees fans seem to care too much about everything that has to do with the Red Sox. They didn’t like it when a coach used the video of the 2004 ALCS, which they lost, to motivate the team against the Houston Astros after going down 3-0.

How do you see the episode? Did A-Rod cross the lines?

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