2023 MLB All-Stars gathered to commemorate Babe Ruth’s 109th anniversary

Celebrating Babe Ruth's 109th debut anniversary with the New York Yankees, the 2023 MLB All-Star Game took place on July 11.
Amanda Paula
Friday July 14, 2023

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This year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game took place on July 11, coinciding with the 109th anniversary of Babe Ruth‘s debut, which marks him as the game’s most monumental figure and greatest player.

The 2023 season also holds significance as it commemorated the 100th anniversary of Ruth’s game-changing impact. It coincided with the opening of the original Yankee Stadium and the New York Yankees’ first World Championship. It was widely regarded as one of Ruth’s finest seasons.

Babe Ruth and the Yankees

In 1914, Ruth made his pitching debut for the Red Sox, securing a 4-3 victory over the Cleveland Naps. He gradually transitioned into a regular player, earning his first hit on October 2, 1914. By 1923, Ruth had become an iconic figure, leading the Yankees to build their ballpark in the Bronx, famously known as “the House that Ruth Built.”

The 1923 season held great importance for Ruth. The Yankees quickly established themselves as contenders and maintained their lead throughout the season. Although they performed well both at home and on the road, Ruth showcased exceptional performance at the new stadium, boasting a batting average of .411. Many consider this season to be one of Ruth’s most remarkable.

While Ruth had several outstanding seasons throughout his career, including his remarkable pitching performances in 1916 and 1918, his exceptional hitting and pitching in 1918, his record-setting 1920 season, his remarkable 1921 season, and his iconic 1927 season with 60 home runs, 1923 is often regarded as his crowning achievement. He displayed his prowess both at the plate and in the field, setting records and leading the Yankees to victory.

2023 MLB All-Star Game, July 11, coincided with Babe Ruth's 109th debut anniversary, honoring the New York Yankees legend.

Ruth’s dominance extended to the World Series as well. From 1923 to 1932, he consistently delivered extraordinary performances, batting .400 with a remarkable 14 home runs in 25 World Series games against the top National League teams. His impact on the game was undeniable, earning him the nickname “The Sultan of Swat.

As Ruth’s legendary performance unfolded in the 1923 World Series against John McGraw’s Giants, he solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in October. With his outstanding batting and scoring eight runs in six games, Ruth played a crucial role in the Yankees’ victory. Observers praised his incredible power and skill, likening his presence on the field to an unstoppable force.

Babe Ruth playing for the Yankees.

In summary, Babe Ruth’s influence on baseball and his exceptional 1923 season, coinciding with significant milestones for the Yankees, have solidified his place as one of the game’s greatest figures. His legacy continues to resonate, and his remarkable performances in the World Series showcased his unmatched talent and determination.

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