Yankees win despite replay controversy, Aaron Boone’s 27th ejection; Umpire gets nailed

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is seen arguing with an umpire on April 12, 2023, at Progressive Field. It led to his 27th eviction.

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The Yankees and the Guardians have rarely had a typical series. That weird baseball reemerges on Wednesday as a continuation of that trend although the Yankees win 4-3 to wrap up their fourth series victory of the 2023 MLB season.

However, the game was marked by a weird replay scenario that occurred in the first inning and led to the ejection of Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected. Aaron Hicks seemed to have caught a sinking fly ball for the third out of the innings, but a review revealed that he actually trapped the ball. But Boone objected to calling for a reply even after the time lapse and was given the marching orders.

He was spotted disputing with the umpires many times before leaving the game. In the game, umpire Larry Vanover, against who Boone went ballistic, was hit in the face by a relay throw from the Guardians, allowing two Yankees runs to score.

Why was Aaron Boone ejected?

Aaron Boone was dismissed in the first inning after arguing with the umpires over a play he claimed was incorrectly evaluated.

With one out in the first, Cleveland’s Josh Naylor hit a sinking liner to center that Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks got with a diving hold. As both teams exited the field, a replay showed on the massive left-field screen at Progressive Field Hicks failing to make the catch. It was unclear if Guardians manager Terry Francona sought a replay inside the stipulated 15 seconds.

Larry Vanover, the crew chief and second-base umpire, huddled with the other umpires for several minutes before speaking to Francona, who looked happy with what he was told. This enraged Aaron Boone believing the Guardians had waited too long to challenge the play. This led to heated arguments and the Yankees manager was ejected for the first time this season and the 27th time in his career.

Although replay review regulations require managers to make a challenge within 15 seconds of the call, the Guardians manager did not seem to initiate a replay challenge. Instead, the umpiring crew conferred in the center of the field after a replay was played. Thereafter, it led to Francona’s request for a review far beyond the time limit and the subsequent outburst by the Yankees manager.

After an almost 10-minute delay, the umpires declared Naylor’s ball fell in for a base hit and an RBI. After the game restarted, Guardians first baseman Josh Bell knocked an RBI single, putting Cleveland up 2-0.

Aaron Boone pleaded his case for many minutes and returned to the field three times before ultimately leaving.

“Larry threw me out, and by the way, I hope he’s doing well,” Boone said. “That looked pretty scary. I was pretty animated and pretty emotional and I thought he did an outstanding job of not meeting my anger, and kind of understanding and being real under control and certainly respectful, and I appreciate that and I wish he’s well.

“But that said, I think they did not get it right or handle it right.”

Last year, the Yankees manager was thrown out of games more than anyone else in the American League. Boone told reporters that his anger was a little lessened by the fact that his team won despite the controversial call. But it was clear that he was still angry about how it was handled.

Aaron Boone blames umpires

With a run in the ninth inning against the Guardians’ closer, the Yankees won the game 4-3. But Aaron Boone was still mad about the call the umpire made in the first inning that cost the Yankees two runs. Aaron Boone felt his Yankees were mistreated.

Aaron Boone had reason to be upset because it was a controversial call for the umpires to change the play and give Naylor a hit and the Guardians a run. The game was more exciting after Boone was kicked out.

Even after Major League Baseball officials gave him a full explanation of what happened and he had been out of the game for more than two hours, Aaron Boone was still upset that the Yankees fell behind 2-0.

“I disagree,” he said. “Still.”

According to him, the crowd’s reaction to seeing the replay on the scoreboard made the umpires decide to talk it out.

“They conferred, and then after they conferred, they go to them for the challenge. I just think it completely bailed them out. I’m not saying they looked at the scoreboard, but obviously, you can feel the emotion in the building, and then it’s them getting together to get it right and then going to Cleveland. I think, in the end, bailing them out. I took exception to it. They got the play right, I will say that. but there’s no way — no way — that the environment did not create, in my opinion, the end result.”

Are umpires right against the Yankees?

After the game, umpire Chris Guccione talked about the play and told that the time for asking for a review of the play didn’t start until the umpiring crew got together and talked about their full initial ruling on the play.

It’s important to know that MLB quietly got rid of protests before the 2021 season. Here is Rule 7.04:

“Protesting a game shall never be permitted, regardless of whether such complaint is based on judgment decisions by the umpire or an allegation that an umpire misapplied these rules or otherwise rendered a decision in violation of these rules.”

MLB umpire hospitalized after the ball hit his head

Larry Vanover, who was the crew chief and second-base umpire, was hurt when a relay throw hit him in the head. After Wednesday’s game, the 67-year-old umpire was taken to the hospital. Earlier he had an argument with Aaron Boone over the controversial replay call.

Vanover was between the second base and the pitcher’s mound when the ball hit him on the left side of his head and knocked him down. A throw by Andres Gimenez heading toward the plate hit Vanover on the left side of his head, as he stood on the infield grass between the second and the mound.

According to MLB, Vanover is being checked for a head injury “and other potential medical issues. The timeline on his return is to be determined.”

Vanover was taken out of the game. After a Guardians trainer checked on him, he was taken to the Cleveland Clinic to be “checked for a head injury and other possible medical problems.”

The Washington Post later reported that Vanover was scheduled to work in Cincinnati on Thursday. Before he can go back to the field, he will have to pass concussion protocols. He will probably spend the night in the hospital. Also, plate umpire Chris Guccione informed a pool reporter that Vanover departed the game with a “quite good-sized knot” on his head and would be subjected to CT scans.

The Yankees-Guardians ALDS series too had controversial moments in 2022. There were also a lot of bizarre things in the series like Josh Naylor’s “Rock the Baby” celebration.

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